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World Youth Skills Day in Nairobi

11 Jul, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
World Youth Skills Day in Nairobi
Fashionomics Africa

One of the main challenges many youths face upon leaving secondary education and university programs and stepping out into the real world of business and employment, is a lack of vocational and skills training. There really is a truth to the saying, “we learn best by doing” and, unfortunately, most education programs only focus on the theoretical rather than practical skills that can be put to good use across a wide spectrum of employment sectors.

Having recognized this issue, Accelevate Leads, a social enterprise focused on unlocking the skills potential of students across the country, has launched the World Youth Skills Day, which will take place at The Bazaar in Nairobi on July, 15th. Providing a platform for university students and graduates to gain the experience and knowledge required in the marketplace via its EST (Experiential Skills Training) program, the World Youth Skills Day offers a supportive environment for students to grow in.

Recent statistics have show that the new generation of youths are three times more likely to face unemployment and greater labor market inequalities. Accelevate Leads is determined to turn these numbers around by improving young people’s transition from the education system to the world of employment by emphasizing the importance of Technical and Vocational Training (TVET). During the World Youth Skills Day, participants will get the opportunity to develop their competencies with trained professional experts and smoothly transition into the world of employment.

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