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Interview with the Founder of Afrocentrix Africa, John Anyetei

11 Sep, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
Interview with the Founder of Afrocentrix Africa, John Anyetei
Fashionomics Africa

Give us a bit of background on who you are and when you started your business

My name is John Anyetei, a South African born Ghanaian individual, pursuing a post graduate degree in Business Corporate Communications at the University of Cape Town. I’m currently head of the universities fashion society, and I’ve had the privilege of hosting and coordinating various fashion shows throughout the year showcasing various proudly African brands. I started Afrocentrix Africa at the end of 2017 following the demand for a few items I had made when Afropunk at first came to South Africa. There was quite a demand for modern African Fashion clothing pieces and a lack of supply. So this urged me to start something that would not only fulfil my need to express my African identity, but to those around me that shared the same desires.

What is your brand vision?

It is Afrocentrix Africa’s vision to be seen as the most trusted provider of 21st Century African Apparel items that enable new age Africans to express their cultural identity as they see fit.

What would you say what your brand offers?

Afrocentrix Africa offers a range of carefully curated African inspired garments that range from jackets, tops, pants, and beauty products. We also offer a platform for aspiring designers and African entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their items, with the aim of increasing their overall brand reach and image. 

Who is your biggest inspiration locally and internationally in the fashion industry?

Having spent a majority of my life in-between South Africa, Ghana, and New York, I would say my biggest inspiration stems from a blend of street culture found in all three areas. As a millennial in a hyper globalisation world, we are consistently exposed to various blends of cultures and this has promoted me to express myself in this manner.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years’ time?

I hope to see Afrocentrix Africa continue to disrupt norms as it relates to culture and gender, which I feel is something necessary in fashion. I hope for this brand to be able to relate to many more people who feel as if they don’t belong to a certain niche due to the fact that they don’t meet the standard criteria for what it means to be African.

How does your brand differ to its competitors?

Afrocentrix Africa offers an intersectional lens to gender identity in its outputs, which I believe is lacking in a host of various African brands. As a company we also want to bring power back to the individuals who make these garments by representing them in a fashion that does not contradict their values as entrepreneurs.

What is its main selling point?

Afrocentrix Africa’s main selling point stems from its affordability and accurate representation of its garments. We hope to provide our consumers with various options of clothing and beauty products that range from affordable to luxury. This wide arrange of items, coupled with a dedicated team of proudly African entrepreneurs with their experience in the industry help us achieve this. 

What are your product best sellers?

Our best sellers are our bomber jackets and beauty products. We have found that these items do particularly well due to the versatility and affordability of the items.

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