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The Best Fashion Photo Shoot Locations in Cape Town

09 Oct, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Best Fashion Photo Shoot Locations in Cape Town
Fashionomics Africa

Cape Town is one of the most picturesque cities in the whole world. A lot of local and international brands travel to the Mother City to shoot commercials, films, movies, images for digital marketing, billboard adverts and much more. The city offers many different types of beautiful landscapes from the wonder that is Table Mountain and the other surrounding mountains and hills, to the beautiful sandy beaches where one can choose between the Atlantic Ocean coastline or the Indian Ocean coastline. Signal Hill and Lion’s Head make for beautiful locations especially with their sunset views of the city of Cape Town. Let’s not forget about the vast winelands in both Stellenbosch and Constantia. Cape Town also boasts quite a number of beautiful forests and large vast farms filled with the prettiest wild flowers. All these nature spots make for some of the best backdrops when shooting advertising content. They are like natural film sets and local entrepreneurs are able to get the most beautiful imagery for their products with minimal effort and cash expenditure.

Apart from the nature locations, Cape Town also boasts a lot of beautiful historical sites for example Bo Kaap Street. The Bo-Kaap is an area of Cape Town, South Africa formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is a former township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre and is a historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town. The Nurul Islam Mosque, established in 1844, is located in the area. The houses found in Bo Kaap are all brightly colored and this back drop makes for the coolest sets for fashion photo shoots. Another example of such a street is Bree Street which is also in the CBD. This street is filled with various cafes and restaurants, all having interesting architecture. If you drive by Bree Street on a weekend afternoon, expect to spot some local fashion influencers and photographers shooting content with the walls and doors of the different buildings as backdrops for their photos. The University of Cape Town also makes for a perfect location shoot. The situation of the grand university on top of a hill with surrounding greenery and beautiful architecture makes for some of the most beautiful images you could ever see. Couples actually use the university grounds sometimes for wedding shoots.

With the growth in the film, photography and digital marketing industries more people are seeing the need and opportunity to build shoot locations for brands to use to create branded content for their images. One major example is the Cape Town Film Studios. Cape Town Film Studios is the first world-class, custom-built, Hollywood style, film studio complex in Africa, and has been rated as the best film studio complex of its kind, in the developing world by international production executives. It is the dedicated hub for media, new media, entertainment, film and related industries in Sub-Saharan Africa - with state-of-the-art facilities and supporting services. Cape Town Film Studios is supported by every level of government in a public-private partnership. The shareholders are leaders in their respective fields of media, film, entertainment, marketing and business. They are: Videovision Entertainment, eMedia Investments, Wesgro and Tsukudu Associates. Some major TV productions that have been filmed here include Outlander, Tomb Raider, Long Walk to Freedom, Black Sails and Mad Max. Just a few minutes’ drive from the Cape Town Film Studios you can also find another perfect photo shoot location by the abandoned Beach Club Pavilion in Macassar. We can’t help but imagine the kind of events that would look spectacular hosted there for example fashion shows or fashion weeks. The Atlantis Sand Dunes in Atlantis also offer pure, white sand perfect for doing product shoots.

Another major and quickly growing photo shoot set that focuses on focuses on stills and film shoots is Inyoni Location farm. Inyoni Location Farm provides locations that have always been difficult to find in Cape Town: safari, old gas station, road trip, diner, a rustic tropical beach shack and beach pool, as well as sand dunes and a shack. INYONI is merely 40 minutes from the city centre, and not only makes safari, road trip and tropical shoots possible in Cape Town; but also makes them cost effective by saving on travel and set building costs. A number of major fashion brands for example Truworths Group have shot images for their products on the farm. They have recently completed building a copy of Bo Kaap Street that will be used for a photo shoot set for commercials. It is such a creative way to keep sharing beautiful images of historical or touristy sites as backdrops without disturbing the locals’ peace while shooting. The project was started after recent complaints from the Bo Kaap locals who are not happy about the increase in housing prices of the area due to it being a famous tourist destination for photo shoots as well as a major shoot location for fashion brands. With spring/summer season already here, Inyoni is sure to be filled with lots of local and international brands doing product shoots for their commercials and digital marketing. To make a booking, one can check out their website on and contact Cara 082 886 2781.

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