The Best Inktober Fashion Illustrations So Far

09 Oct, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Best Inktober Fashion Illustrations So Far
Fashionomics Africa

The internet is a curious platform that brings together people from all around the globe. This is where the meme first became a thing, where the weirdest videos and gifs go viral, where everyone can become a star within a matter of five minutes and fall from their celebrity throne in an even shorter time span. There are many positives and negatives to the almighty internet, but one thing we simply cannot deny is its power to create important movements: be they political, social or creative.

While Greta Thunberg continues to encourage her peers to strike on “Fridays for Future”, and women facing adversity and oppression in countries like India, Brazil, USA etc. are fighting to topple the patriarchy and secure their rights, others are initiating and continuing the kind of creative movements that allow us a moment of respite between protesting and waving our banners.  These movements are every bit as important to whichever cause you may be supporting in that, they allow you to reap new strength and energy which can then be used to fight the good fight through art and creativity – an effective formula, as we all know.

The fall season brings one of the most anticipated, month-long movements for artists and illustrators, by ways of Inktober. This art challenge created by Jake Parker, is a fun, communal experience that helps artists hone their skills by creating a new piece every day for the entire month of October and posting it online using the hashtag #inktober, for maximum visibility. This challenge is open to artists, calligraphers and illustrators across all mediums, and while it is suggested to use real ink, people are encouraged to use the tools they feel most comfortable with.

Jake Parker, a picture book and comics illustrator and writer, started this incredibly creative and beneficial challenge back in 2009 and, since then, this movement has spread like a beautiful, inked wildfire that sees some of the most stunning creations come to life. This challenge reinforces the idea that practice really does make perfect and inspires participants to approach their work with a sense of ritual that leads to the discipline needed to keep on creating and keep on improving.

A month prior to Inktober, an official prompt list is posted on the website, which is created to spark new ideas for participants, although it is not compulsory to follow them at all. This years’ prompts seem to be following quite a winterly theme with prompts such as: freeze, husky, enchanted, snow, wild, tread, dark, coat and overgrown. Needless to say, we are excited to see the works that will spring from these prompts, as well as those produced by freewheelers who followed their own prompts.

While we marvel over Inktober pieces spanning various styles, themes and mediums, the ones we are obviously most excited by are the stunning fashion illustrations that have sprung from this creative movement. Here are some of the best Inktober fashion illustrations so far!

Laura Páez Pays Homage to Alexander McQueen

Laura Páez, Fashion illustrator and creator of Fashion Design App, which allows users to create female flat sketches on their phone or tablet in a manner of seconds, decided to pay homage to legendary designer, Alexander McQueen. This illustration, inked in three different shades of black, is full of intricate detail and captures the style and spirit of McQueen perfectly.

Emma Patricia: Inspired by Lebanese Fashion Designer, Zuhair Murad

Creative director of the Venezuelan lingerie brand, Piel, looked to Lebanese fashion designer, Zuhair Murad for inspiration. Emma Patricia uploaded a rendition of a wonderful piece from Murad’s 2013 spring collection, complete with elaborate feather details and a fantastic flow to the skirt.

Samantha Mash Channels the Ghost Bride

Oregon based illustrator, Samantha Mash, has opted for Inktober illustrations that can best be described as bold in their simplicity. Her work has a central focus on a uniform backdrop and makes use of various fashion and accessory styles. Her first piece for Inktober was “The Ghost Bride” who “never ceases crying. She can’t remember what happened to her on what was supposed to be her happiest of days, but tragedy seems to envelop her presence.”

Paula Fernanda – The Fashion Design Student Channeling Her Greatest Idols

Inspired by her favourite fashion house, namely Dior, Columbian fashion design student, Paula Fernanda, uploaded a fantastic rendition of a delicate Dior dress from the 1949/50 autumn/winter collection. With wonderful detail and an elegant look, we can see Fernanda bringing her own interpretation of this spectacular gown to life one day.

Matt Richards Has Set Himself an Inktober Fashion Illustration Challenge

London-based illustrator Matt Richards specializes in producing fashion, editorial and portrait artwork. He has set himself the ultimate challenge this month: he will be creating 31 fashion illustrations inspired by different designers. One of our favourites, is his sketch inspired by Louis Vuitton. This loosely inked piece is proof of Richard’s keen eye for fashion in all its textiles and details.

Inktober: A Platform for Creatives

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the artists and fashion illustrators participating in Inktober, you can continue to follow the platform and stay up to date with the many amazing pieces that are bound to appear over the next couple of weeks.

Inktober has established itself as a fantastic platform for creatives and, within it, you can find many different niche groups, such as the fashion illustrators mentioned above. October is a great time to learn more about up and coming artists and fashion designers who might inspire your own work or desire to illustrate.

Keep on checking in on Instagram and other social media networks with the Inktober hashtag, and you’ll see just how powerful this challenge is: reaching all corners of the world and featuring all kinds of artists and illustrators, Jake Parker’s brainchild continues to motivate people to hone their craft and develop their very own creative ritual.




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