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Stylish Home Décor Ideas to Keep You Cosy Through the Winter Season

04 Nov, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
Stylish Home Décor Ideas to Keep You Cosy Through the Winter Season
Fashionomics Africa

Now that the days are shorter and the nights so much longer, we will be spending a lot more time indoors. This is an ideal time to wind down from the action-packed summer days that had you moving in constant inexhaustible motion and settle into a more relaxed but equally productive winter mode.

One of the first things we tend to do when the fall/winter darkness sets in, is something akin to “nesting”. We start preparing our home and office space to match the season. For example, in the hot summer months, we do all we can to bring the outdoors inside by throwing open our windows and letting in plenty of light and fresh air. During the winter season, on the other hand, we do the opposite: we try to keep the heat and, with it, all the cosiness inside to create that special, homely atmosphere we love so much.

Cosiness is the keyword for the winter season and, while this is a feeling and a state of mind we carry within ourselves, there are also plenty of home décor pieces that can emphasize this warm and pleasant sensation. Here are five stylish home décor pieces that will keep you cosy through the winter season!

A Collection of Colourful Blankets & Throw Pillows

There’s no way you can get through the winter comfortably without a choice of warm, colourful blankets to keep you snug during your nightly Netflix binges. Whether you’re in an area where temperatures drop to the minus degrees or are fortunate enough to live in a climate where the weather remains relatively mild during the winter season, you simply can’t go without a bit of colour to keep your feet warm.

Blankets and throw pillows will not only keep you in-line with the Scandinavian hygge philosophy, they will also add a new touch of colour and style to your bedroom, living room or even office. Keep a light blanket draped over your office chair for a great look and easy access for those long nights of working, when you’re bound to catch a chill at some point or another. For inspiration, check out the Rwanda based GloCreations shop for their collection of beautiful, printed cushion covers.

Get Your Home Ready for the Christmas Season

One of the best parts about the Christmas season besides reuniting with friends and family, is the opportunity to decorate your home with plenty of love, warmth and colour. We all have our own style of decorating for Christmas – while some of us like to stick to the traditional green, red and golden colours, some of us are a bit more adventurous and always on the look-out for unique adornments for our trees and windows.

Whichever theme you are looking to roll with this year, consider finding some special, handmade adornments in support of local or international artisans. During this season it is important to remember all the small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs competing with big franchises and the like, so do your part by showing the little boutique down the road from you or that fabulous online shop you like so much, some love. MitiMeth sells wonderful handmade angel ornaments made from woven water hyacinths and jute that could become your tree’s protagonist this year.

A Bathtub Table for Lush At-Home-Spa-Sessions

If you love nothing more than to immerse yourself in a scented, bubble-bath after a long day at work, make sure you’re entering the season for hot baths in style. Bubble-baths are good for the mind, body and soul – they invite you to relax, let go of the day and let your mind simply float along all things inspirational and beautiful. While some of us are happy to just soak with our eyes closed, some of us need a little help to get into full relaxation mode by ways of meditative music, a glass of wine or perhaps even our favourite Netflix series.

If you belong to the latter group of bathers, you should definitely consider investing in a bathtub table for the lushest of at-home-spa-sessions. These tables, which reach from one side of the tub to the other, come with varying compartments where you can store all the things you could possibly need for the best bubble-bath ever: a slot to hold your tablet, your wine glass, soap and even candles.

Use Tunisian Foutas or Mexican Towels for Multiple Purposes

There are certain styles of towels that are used for much more than drying off after a refreshing dip, a luxurious bath or a hammam session. Their beautiful designs and colours are wasted on just this one purpose, so people have taken to finding different uses for them around their home. Needless to say, we are not talking about regular, frothy towels – we’re talking about stylish, handwoven pieces such as Tunisian foutas or Mexican towels.

Mexican towels are known for their bright, vibrant colours, whereas Tunisian foutas are usually simple yet attractive in design, with three to four feature colours. Tunisian foutas are a Mediterranean staple typically used as hammam towels, but they can also be used as wall or window décor, shoulder-throws or blankets. Check out the beautiful foutas available via Fouta Harissa to find the right fit for your home or office – they are guaranteed to add an extra touch of cosiness.

Shine a Light on the Dark Winter Nights

The greatest thing about the days ending early, is the fact that we get to light up our nights with our own choice of light sources. Cosiness is all about dimmed, warm white light that somehow calms our senses and helps us settle in for nights of homely comforts and meditative bliss. If you’re looking for that perfect light source to keep you snug and smiling throughout the winter, check out the Interior of Africa shop on Etsy.

Specializing in hand-carved ostrich eggshell lamps and other African art, Interior of Africa offers unique wall-mounted or standing lamps that will add a wonderful, African glow to your home.

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