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How to make your mark and Protect it : a lesson in Fashion Law
by The Creative Bar Kgali 13 Nov, 2017

http://thecreativebar.co.za/the-tailors.html ... Read more

Event recap : Masterclass Fashionomics Africa in Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017
by Anaïs Sánchez 03 Nov, 2017

The Fashionomics Africa masterclass held during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in Lagos (Nigeria) on October 27 and 28 was a great success. One hundred ninety-eight people from different companies ... Read more

Economics • Environement • Technology
Why its important for Africa to start measuring brand value
by Tania VIllalta 02 Nov, 2017

Company growth experts have determined that understanding a companies’ value as a brand is very important. What’s the reason behind this? Because it serves as a great support when establis ... Read more

Fashion • Lifestyle
Thoughts to consider before starting your own fashion company - write these down!
by Tania VIllalta 31 Oct, 2017

In every starting business, the entrepreneur behind it always has the best of intentions and hopes that someday, it will become a multimillion dollar company.  Fashion isn’t any different a ... Read more

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