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Economics • Lifestyle
Inspirational women leaders
by Anaïs Sánchez 2 months ago

There have been important changes for women in terms of employment in the past decades, such as paid employment outside the home or moving into jobs that used to be done only by men. Being a female le ... Read more

Life Style
Women's pay gap: a sad reality
by Anaïs Sánchez 3 months ago

The gender pay gap is the difference between a man’s and a woman’s salary. This involves some factors such as time off from work, discrimination or socialization. Even if they do the sa ... Read more

Is Africa the FUTURE?
by Anaïs Sánchez 3 months ago

This is the question that has been going around in people’s head since a while. Let’s talk about facts. Youth unemployment is one of Africa’s big problems: the continent has 480 m ... Read more

Economics • Technology
Digital economy is taking shape in Africa
by Anaïs Sánchez 4 months ago

Before developing digital economy, we must talk about economic growth, i.e. about creating opportunities for lower-income segments to generate wealth. Specifically, young African could have the power ... Read more

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