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Fashion • Life Style
Bongani Tambo – Journey of RVK
by Linh Vo 15 Dec, 2016

Bongani Tambo was born in Malawi but he decided to relocate to South Africa. He soon reached fashion industry by seeing his grandparent wearing suit and his love for fashion started to grow. He is try ... Read more

Fashion • Life Style
Kibonen NY
by Linh Vo 13 Dec, 2016

La scène new-yorkaise s’enrichie avec la touche camerounaise de Kibonen. Cette créatrice est arrivée à l’industrie de la mode avec la géniale idée ... Read more

Economics • Fashion
10 things about Print
by 12 Dec, 2016

Although art form for centuries, particularly in Central Africa, the African cloth we know today as ‘wax print’ was perfected by the Indonesians particularly on the Island of Java and k ... Read more

Fashion • Life Style
Mustafa Hassanali – Designer from Tanzania
by Linh Vo 12 Dec, 2016

As a fashion Guru, Mustafa Hassanali is one of the leading and popular designers in Tanzania. He combines perfectly Tanzanian cultural heritage with the avant – garde, couture styles. He ... Read more

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