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Why its important for Africa to start measuring brand value
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Nov, 2017

Company growth experts have determined that understanding a companies’ value as a brand is very important. What’s the reason behind this? Because it serves as a great support when establis ... Read more

Fashion • Lifestyle
Thoughts to consider before starting your own fashion company - write these down!
by Fashionomics Africa 31 Oct, 2017

In every starting business, the entrepreneur behind it always has the best of intentions and hopes that someday, it will become a multimillion dollar company.  Fashion isn’t any different a ... Read more

Ancient tradition mutating into editorial / high fashion looks
by Fashionomics Africa 31 Oct, 2017

This designer has turned something that has been bothering her in the childhood into a head-turning fashion. Busayo Olupona, a Nigerian designer, is shocking everyone with her new take on Africa&rsquo ... Read more

by Fashionomics Africa 31 Oct, 2017

When a South African businessman – Ari Ben David, has seen the Colombian designers, Miguel Caballero collection, he immediately decided to invest in it, open a showroom and eventually a shop in ... Read more

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