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Last Goodbye of SUNO
by Linh Vo 5 months ago

SUNO – the Kenyan inspired New York based luxury fashion label  is about to say good bye to their fashion community after 8 years of work. It will be a sad news for fashion lovers and fashi ... Read more

Fashion • Life Style
New Market In Kenya For International Fashion Brands
by Linh Vo 5 months ago

    Kenya is an ideal market for F&F’s expansion into Africa; Kenyans have an international outlook regarding fashion and entertainment, always in tune with what is happening ... Read more

Fashion • Life Style
Fashion And Development: A Perspective For Africa.
by 5 months ago

Development plans in Africa cannot discard dynamic sectors like fashion, but with the absence of a well-structured market, legal supervision, or without catching the attention and interest from their ... Read more

Mozambique Cotton Manufacturers
by Linh Vo 5 months ago

  The group of Mozambican and Portuguese companies has purchased the assets of Riopele, a  Marrcacuene textile company, 30 km north of Maputo, which has been abandoned for the past 20 yea ... Read more

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