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Kangas as a sign of self-empowerment
by Fashionomics Africa 26 Oct, 2017

“Japo sipati tamaa sikati: Even though I have nothing, I have not given up my desire to get what I want.” The kanga is a colorful garment worn in the region of the African Great Lakes b ... Read more

Economics • Environement • Lifestyle
Barriers for women in Africa and how they are being overcome
by Fashionomics Africa 26 Oct, 2017

 Equality for women in Africa has not been easy to achieve. Women that have decided to take the path of entrepreneurship are confronted with challenges just because of their gender, and as much a ... Read more

Interview with Gabriel Solomon - the founder of Russell Solomon
by Fashionomics Africa 25 Oct, 2017

Russell Solomon (based in Abuja, Nigeria) is a revolutionary menswear religion luxury brand born out of a love for antique and fine luxury with a modern feel. Inspired by the need to seek the best liv ... Read more

Economics • Environement • Fashion • Lifestyle
Female entrepreneurs succeeding in Africa
by Fashionomics Africa 25 Oct, 2017

When strolling down the streets in many of Africa’s major cities, it is easy to see that women are extremely present in the economy of the country. The question is, why is it that on average, bu ... Read more

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