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How Africa is leading the way for women
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Apr, 2018

For women and girls in Africa, closing the gender gap has long seemed an arduous journey. The improvement seen in some nations has frequently been smothered by the stunted progress in others. But d ... Read more

Size matters with Herero dresses
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Apr, 2018

It would almost seem like a mirage, but big, Victorian styled dresses are still strong among women in Namibia. This strange occurrence is due to the German missionaries who settled in Namibia and who ... Read more

Event recap : Masterclass Fashionomics Africa in Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Nov, 2017

The Fashionomics Africa masterclass held during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in Lagos (Nigeria) on October 27 and 28 was a great success. One hundred ninety-eight people from different companies ... Read more

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Why its important for Africa to start measuring brand value
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Nov, 2017

Company growth experts have determined that understanding a companies’ value as a brand is very important. What’s the reason behind this? Because it serves as a great support when establis ... Read more

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