StyleTech by Teshie is Set to Launch an Entire Animal Print Collection

StyleTech by Teshie is Set to Launch an Entire Animal Print Collection

Styletech Designs is a fashion brand founded by fashion designer and entrepreneur Teshie Ogallo. Teshie is a Kenyan, 24-year-old, female fashion designer, based in Cape Town, South Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in IT from the University of Cape Town. She founded STYLETECH by Teshie in January 2018. Her brand caters to young and middle-aged men and women and offers trendy, afrocentric clothing wear. She aims to showcase the beauty of African fashion through her African print fabrics, bold colours and extravagant designs.

Styletech’s new collection which is titled “The Lion King Collection” is a bit different to her usual style. She has taken advantage of the current animal print fashion trend and hype about the new Lion King movie to come up with a collection featuring various types of animals. Each piece embodies and celebrates a different type of animal found in Africa. Teshie wanted to create pieces that are easily wearable by a wide range of people with different personal styles. From the corporate woman, to the trendy cool kid student and even to the fashion-forward millennial man, you’ll be sure to find a piece that suits you. The pieces still bring out Teshie’s elegant yet trendy and chic personal style. She kept the designs as simple as she could and used neutral colours for the fabrics. This is a bit different to her usual extravagant designs and bright colours. The bold looks and designs are still a big part of who she is as a designer and will still feature from time to time in her future collections.

The collection is set to launch on her online e-commerce store, which she built herself from the skills she acquired from her studies in Information Systems and Computer Science. Launch date is Friday the 13th of September 2019 on They will be a number of discounts and sales on her social media so watch out for that as well.

She worked with model and fashion influencer Abongwe and photographer Khuthii to create beautiful imagery for the collection which will be available on her site come Friday 13th September 2019.

We can’t wait to see all the pieces from Teshie’s collection and support her in her fashion journey!

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StyleTech by Teshie is Set to Launch an Entire Animal Print Collection

Sep 13, 2019
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