The Latest Additions to the Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace

The Latest Additions to the Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace

The Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace, which launched in the fall of 2019, is steadily growing. Now home to more than 120 unique clothing items and 30 accessories to pair with your favourite finds, our shopping platform is establishing itself as a go-to for all proudly African designs, most of which have been designed and created by female fashion entrepreneurs.

If youre in need of a little pick-me up this coming weekend and are already planning to spend your Friday night on an online-shopping spree, we highly suggest you check out the latest additions to the Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace! We have stocked up on some of the most irresistible new fashion items in recent weeks and cant wait for you to fall in love with them as much as we have.

Agola Leather Tote – Koko by Khakasa

These days, you cant swing a tote withoutwell, bumping into someone elses tote! Simple, burlap tote bags have become a big trend in the fight against plastic in recent years, and we applaud anyone who rocks up to their local supermarket with totes in different colours, designs and featuring different slogans. Its always a good time to make a statement through fashion and the tote bag is one that speaks loud and clear.

For a super stylish take on the tote bag, one of understated elegance, check out the Agola Leather Tote bag from Koko by Khakasa. Made from buffed top grain leather, the Agola tote bag is available in tones of grey and black, chestnut and mocha, and tan and chestnut, all of which come with a Kitenge or Kikoy lining. Featuring an inside zip pocket, this tote bag will keep your essentials safe and you looking stylish.

Ankara Flay Gown by Teyei’s Couture

Do you have a special event coming up this spring? Perhaps a red-carpet do youre attending for work or a friends wedding? Then dont waste your time scouring the internet for the perfect outfit because weve got it right here: courtesy of Nigerian designer, Faith James, and her fabulous brand, Teyeis Couture.

This figure-hugging and eye-catching Ankara Flay Gown, celebrates the female form with unique cuts and a mermaid skirt in hues of purple, blue and white. The bodice merges the tube-top look with a slim, apron-style shoulder-strap, while the mermaid skirt is accentuated with deep purple, glossy chiffon. This is your chance to introduce the 2020 winter/spring fashion season to a new trend: the Ankara Mermaid look!

Ceeci Shirt Dress by Mieko Michi

Just because casual Fridays at the office have become a thing, it doesnt mean you cant do casual in a modern chic manner its all about colours and how you go about accessorizing. If you can turn any little black dress into one that will be talked about for years to come, surely, you can make the same thing happen for a casual dress, whether youre planning on wearing it to the pre-weekend office or an afternoon out with your girls.

The Ceeci Shirt Dress by Nigerian fashion brand, Mieko Michi, is bound to become your new, casual favourite. With a demanding pink, light blue and white colour palette and a sailor-knot design, this button-down shift dress is made from a soft fabric that will keep you comfortable and cool. Foreseen with pink buttons, a stylish base and short sleeves, the Ceeci Shirt Dress will make a great addition to your wardrobe and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear it with colourful pumps for an evening out or simple flats or flip-flops for a laid-back day at the office.

Chacha Top by Mmoja

Theres nothing sexier than a naked shoulder top and one look back at the trends of recent years proves it. Preparing for a hot date or a fancy night out with your girlfriends? Then dont miss out on this beautiful Chacha top by Kenyan fashion brand, Mmoja. This mesmerizing Kitenge top comes in vibrant orange, yellow and red colours and a loose, flattering three-tiered ruffle running down the bodice.

The Kitenge Chacha top looks fantastic matched with jeans, skirts and high-heels an excellent way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an otherwise casual style. This piece is made-to-order, so you can rest assured that it will fit your silhouette perfectly.

Boucle Corine Earrings by Divine Touch

Its amazing how accessories as tiny as earrings can make an entire outfit come together. If youd like to stock up on a range of earrings with different base colours to mix and match as you please, then check out these Boucle Corine Earrings made by Divine Touch. The earrings are made of natural-fiber spiral pads, with gold-painted concha shells fastened almost half-way down the middle for a captivating look.

These earrings are simple in their design, yet pop with vibrant, modern colours brown, turquoise, red and blue and the little bit of added bling from the concha shell.

Printed Cushion Covers by Glo Creations

Your home and/or office environment says as much about you as your personal fashion style. Inviting people into your home or work space, is inviting them in to get to know the real you what colours uplift you, what design pieces and knick-knacks inspire you, the stories behind special furniture pieces and family heirlooms, your preference in art, music and literature, etc. So, if youre thinking of reinventing your wardrobe for the spring, you may also consider giving your apartment or office a little revamp for a new, seasonal feel.

Printed cushion covers such as these afro-centric designs by Rwandan brand, Glo Creations, are the ideal way to add a new splash of colour to your space. Available in tones of blue, red, orange and beige, you can opt to buy into all colour-schemes and mix and match to your hearts desire or make your sofa pop with cushion covers in one colour. Whatever you go for, we trust these cushion covers are the accents your office/living space was waiting for!



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The Latest Additions to the Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace

Feb 19, 2020
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