Inspiring Reads: The 5 Best Books & Blogs for She-Bosses

Inspiring Reads: The 5 Best Books & Blogs for She-Bosses

So, what did you get up to this weekend? Did you use it for what it is intended for? Did you relax, recharge and get around to doing everything you dont get a chance to do during the week? Chances are you only managed to get one of these things done and it was probably far from fitting into the relax and recharge variety of weekend activities. Dont beat yourself up about it we all face the same challenges come the weekend. We feverishly work towards Friday, desperate for a break, a mental disconnect, only to get there and find our brain is incapable of switching off just as our home and/or family responsibilities dont just magically disappear.

Juggling a career, home and/or family life and self-care can be a difficult feat theres so much to do and so little time, and the more successful we become, the more difficult it becomes to allocate our personal downtime wisely and effectively. A lot of this is a simple matter of rewiring our brains, to learn how to stay focused, alert and energized during working hours and wind down at the end of the workday. And that is a lot easier said than done!

One of the best ways to help you shake off the days adrenaline, regulate your breathing and take your brain out of the yesterdays and tomorrows and into the present, is by reading. It also serves as a great transition between work and leisure, as you can still gain new business-related knowledge through reading, while helping your mind and body settle into relaxation. If youd like to put this theory to the test, here are the five best books and blogs for She-Bosses.

She Owns It

If youre having trouble settling into a calm Saturday-morning routine because youre too worried about the emails that might be flooding your inbox right now or the groceries that still need to be done, heres a great suggestion: dont do any of the above until youve at least had a coffee and a browse through the latest blog entries on She Owns It. Youll feel more productive than you would reading the latest celebrity/gossip rag, youll pick up on an idea or two in regards to running your business but, most importantly, youll do so in a relaxed manner.

She Owns It covers everything from 5 lead Generation Strategies for Solopreneurs to 3 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Crush Right Now to Start a Successful Business and is designed to guide you towards finding the spark that helps turn your dream into a reality. The blog invites business-women and entrepreneurs to share their own stories, inspirations and knowledge, thus creating a supportive community and a hub of ideas.

Leading Ladies Mompreneurs – Stories About South African Moms in Business

Opening to a quote by American actress, writer and producer, Tina Fey, Mompreneurs will immediately find themselves relating to the constant battle of being a working mother. I think every working mom probably feels the same thing. You go through big chunks of time where youre thinking, this is impossible oh, this is impossible. And then you just keep going and keep going and sort of do the impossible.

Compiled by Laura Ruthven, founder of Female Entrepreneur SA, the e-book Leading Ladies Mompreneurs Stories About South African Moms in Business, offers insight into the lives, struggles and triumphs of working mothers juggling career and motherhood. It features interviews with mompreneurs across all business environments and their helpful advice on how to make it all work, for example: When you get tired learn to rest and not to quit!

More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say)

This book by Elaine Welteroth, American journalist and New York Times best-selling author, fits in perfectly with the theme of this article: claiming space for yourself to do what serves you as an individual, as well as a professional. In More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say), Elaine shares her journey towards success, complete with the joys, pitfalls, self-doubt and adventures she encountered along the way.

This book serves as a reminder that by, uncovering and discovering the many facets of ourselves, we are more than enough.

Urban Woman Magazine

Celebrating the 21st Century African Woman, Urban Woman Magazine covers everything modern She-Bosses as well as women of leisure might be interested in: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, feminism, events and much more. Kicking back with the latest blog posts on Urban Woman Magazine, youll find out which role South African-British actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is taking on next, which were the best picks from recent fashion weeks and events or how to mix your own natural skin cream.

The magazines interview section features some of the key, female players in the world of creative businesses. In the past they have featured the likes of Uzuegbunam Adeline Chiamaka, one of few female cobblers in Nigeria, Gusi Tobby, founder of Girl Hub Africa, co-founder of EcoPrune, Sandra Onwuekwe, and Doris Nwanneka, CEO of Hair by Wanneka. With so many inspiring interviews and blog articles, this magazine has established itself as an exciting platform for the 21st century, African woman.

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women

Written by high-level black executives Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Joy McLean, Angela Burt-Murray and Elaine Meryl Brown, The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women is a practical gem which focuses on the building blocks of true leadership self-confidence, effective communication, collaboration and courage while dealing specifically with stereotypes (avoid the Mammy Trap, and dont become the Angry Black Woman) and the perils of self-victimization (dont assume that every challenge occurs because you are black or female).

Full of encouraging and empowering MAMAisms (familiar terms, both practical and spiritual, that we grew up with and can draw upon as we travel the road to leadership success) and great advice on how to navigate business and professional environments as a woman of colour, this little black book will give you the tools and the confidence needed to succeed in a leadership position.


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Inspiring Reads: The 5 Best Books & Blogs for She-Bosses

Feb 24, 2020
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