Preparing for the Upcoming Fashion Season: What’s In this Spring

Preparing for the Upcoming Fashion Season: What’s In this Spring

With a little less than a month to go until we officially enter the spring season, its time to start reorganizing your wardrobe. Spring is the time to reinvent yourself much like Mother Earth does in all its vibrant, colourful glory. Its a time to experiment with different lengths and cuts easy and breezy whilst still offering coverage on chillier days textures and prints that complement the light-heartedness and playfulness of the season.

If you want to ensure your style is on point for the upcoming spring season, now is the time. As the weather slowly transitions towards milder temperatures and the days are steadily growing longer, initiate your own fashion transition so that, by the time the spring equinox rolls around on March 20th, your style will be in full bloom. Heres whats in this spring!

(Highlighter) Colours, Colours & Colours!

What is your strongest association with the spring season? The myriad of beautiful colours popping up in the grass fields, the trees and the mountains, of course! This season offers one of natures most creative and mesmerizing displays of colours and, if you want to form a part of it, the way to do so is by following in Mother Earths example.

This is a time to play with various colour tones, from soft and gentle pastels to attention-grabbingly effervescent and loud shades of pinks, purples and blues and, last but not least, neon colours. If youre not entirely sure what neon colours fly this season, just line up your collection of highlighters and take your pick: green, yellow, orange or pink, theyre all hot this season. With renowned designers such as Tom Ford and Courreges having pulled out all the neon stops at recent fashion events, you can rest assured that youre going to be trending in your highlighter-inspired get-up in the coming months.

Wild & Wonderful Prints

Its no wonder wild and wonderful print fabrics have become an evergreen trend for the spring season. Just look around you! With so many blossoming landscapes around and such a great vibe among the insect and animal kingdom, its hard for fashion designers not to feel inspired by the visuals around them, prompting them to slap these visuals onto fabrics they go on to turn into gorgeous dresses, light blouses and quirky jumpsuits.

Whether youd like to create your own garments with strictly African print motives or are looking for a ready-to-wear piece with exciting patterns, youre bound to find something that suits your desires on the digital Fashionomics Africa marketplace. Take this Ankara fabric from Sarahmond Designs, for example: it will make for the perfect skirt or top to rock through the spring season. Prefer something more subtly abstract you can immediately slip into upon purchasing? Then go for COCOLILIs boat neck Subha top with short sleeves and bust darts for shape.

Leather in Spring Tones

When we think of the spring season we usually think of light, soft fabrics that can be layered on the colder days and feel airy and feathery on warmer days hence, leather certainly isnt the first material that comes to mind, unless you start rethinking its traditional colour: black and brown. The 2020 spring fashion season, is all about leather in colours that complement our blossoming environments blues, pinks, oranges, reds, etc.  Just take a look at this years runway displays and youll see just how brands such as Marni and Alexander McQueen have embraced this unlikely fabric for the upcoming season.

Once youve found your preferred outfit for the coming months, you can accessorize by ways of this green Sanga sling bag made from cow hide leather. Designed and created by Kenyan brand, WazaWazi, this bag is set to become your go-to for the season. For an alternative to leather you can always opt for recycled PVC, a fabric Nigerian brand IAMISIGO favours in its designs. This high-waist, patched miniskirt will fit into the upcoming seasons leather look perfectly!  

Business Casual Bermuda Shorts

Can you imagine one of your employees rocking up at the office wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops? Few people would dare. With the new trend of business casual Bermuda shorts paired with cute little boots or heels however, we are bound to rethink the allure of this particular garment and embrace it as part of our professional wardrobe.

Its hard to imagine pulling off a flattering, professional look with Bermuda shorts, but famous brands such as Givenchy and Tibi have shown us how its done: its all about perfecting the cut and finding the right fabric to elevate the look that was once reserved for beaches and holiday destinations.

The Rise of Raffia

The fashion industry is finally starting to embrace healthier, sustainable fabrics for their creations and, recent catwalk events have shown that, one fabric in particular is currently enjoying the limelight: raffia. This natural fibre made from palm leaves featured heavily in Dior and Oscar de la Rentas skirt and dress designs, as well as accessories such as handbags and jewellery.

If youd like to imitate the look by ways of accessorizing, check out MitiMeths earrings and rings made of woven water hyacinths. Through conscious purchasing, you are not only contributing to a healthier environment, but are also paying tribute to the season nature thrives in the most.

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Preparing for the Upcoming Fashion Season: What’s In this Spring

Feb 26, 2020
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