Add to Your Skills with Udemy’s Fabulous & Affordable Online Fashion Courses

Add to Your Skills with Udemy’s Fabulous & Affordable Online Fashion Courses

Were not going to lie with more and more countries across Africa going into lockdown now to stop Covid-19 from spreading, were looking at tough times ahead. Its not going to be easy to let go of our normal routines, to give up our freedom and, most importantly, our work. As we have already discussed in a previous blog, there are plenty of ways you can rethink your fashion business for the time being, by taking your skills and knowledge online. If you get ahead of the game and really throw yourself into the world of online possibilities, you can even fill up the same hours you would normally be spending in your physical shop or workspace.

With no cafes to visit for breakfast meetings and no after-work does to attend in the evenings, you will, however, find yourself with extra time on your hands. And while the circumstances that brought us these extra hours are rather bleak, its important for us to make the best of them by investing them into things that make us happy, take our minds off this frighteningly bizarre situation and keep us learning and gaining new skills. This a time to immerse yourself in the things youve always wanted but never had the time to do such as taking up online courses that can directly benefit your fashion business once all this is over.

There are many online institutions offering fantastic courses surrounding all things fashion: from basic to advanced fashion illustration on Adobe Illustrator to pattern making, t-shirt design on photoshop or even a freshener on creating your own look through new colour palettes and styling methods. Heres a selection of some of the most exciting, budget-friendly online courses currently on offer via Udemy!

Basic Fashion Illustration

Taught by Bangkok-based, Wanwisa Rianrungrueng, this Basic Fashion Illustration course is designed to be simple, not time-consuming. Consisting of fifteen lectures and two hours of content, this course will equip you with the knowledge and technique needed to draw body elements and different fashion poses. Wanwisas course will cover what you would learn at a physical fashion school during the course of four months in your own time, and is designed in a simple, easy and fun manner. This Basic Fashion Illustration course does not require prior knowledge nor any kind of extra tools.

Following a short introduction and a warm-up session, Wanwisa dives into figure proportions i.e. 8-head natural figure vs 9-head fashion figures and 9-head figures in different angles and the drawing techniques for key body elements: male and female face, hand, hand posture, body rotation, leg posture, body and leg posture, feet and shoes. Once you have understood the basics, you will move on to drawing fashion poses with garments and will have the opportunity to test your new knowledge via a quiz. This course is available for 10.99.

Fashion: Style Yourself Flawlessly

You wont be going out clubbing or on fancy dates with your boo anytime soon, but that doesnt mean you have to spend the lockdown in your joggers or pajama bottoms either. Its important to stick to your normal dressing and hygiene routine and not just for obvious reasons. Dressing up or down, casual is cool too! helps to lift our spirits and allows us to continue with a sense of normality. If youve been thinking about stepping up your style game for a while, this is the time to do it use your living room as your very own styling venue and catwalk with the help of Louise Croft and Larissa Swarts fun course, Fashion: Style Yourself Flawlessly.

Combining Louises experience as a professional fashion blogger and Laras approach as a lifestyle and confidence coach, this course is designed to give you a new perspective on your personal fashion and style and it all starts with a proper wardrobe detox! Lara and Louise will talk you through how to match colours and accessorize, how to shape your life and how to shop with confidence. This is a great course that will inspire many self-improvement projects that will have you coming out of this lockdown looking absolutely fabulous. This course is 10.99.

 Become a Fashion Buyer – Learn the Essentials

Fashion Buyer, lecturer and business owner, Diane Curtis, is excited to share her knowledge of buying departments for both small and large international fashion brands. This Become a Fashion Buyer Learn the Essentials course offers three hours of on-demand video classes, five downloadable resources, one practice test and full, lifetime access to your course materials. Upon completing this course on the essentials of fashion buying, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to test yourself in the field.

Diane will teach you the KPIs key performance indicators and the skills needed for this role in a straight-forward and engaging manner. You will learn about all the steps required to plan a fashion range, how to source fashion suppliers, evaluate them and negotiate with them, and how to calculate cost prices and gross profit. This course is ideal for students or fashion professionals looking to make a career-change and covers all the essentials you need to know to get started on this new path. This course is available for 10.99.

Master Course in Hand Embellishment – Beginners to Intermediate

Burcu Kilic is a professional embellishment designer and tutor who runs workshops and classes in London and has worked with big names such as Monsoon, Debenhams and Asos. Luckily for us, Burcu offers a detailed Master Course in Hand Embellishment for beginners and intermediate students via Udemy as well. This course is open to anyone with an interest in hand-beading, embellishment and craft work and while some hand-sewing experience is always great, it is not required.

This course will encourage you to get out all the beads and sequins you have collected over the years and will get you started on designing your very own fashion pieces and accessories by ways of fourteen beginners hand-embellishment techniques and twelve beginners and intermediate level trimming techniques and 3D floral techniques. Though this course is on the pricier side, it is so worth it and will allow you to bring a new skill set to your existing fashion business. This course is available for 194.99 and consists of a two-hour on-demand video course, two downloadable resources and access via mobile and TV

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Add to Your Skills with Udemy’s Fabulous & Affordable Online Fashion Courses

Apr 01, 2020
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