5 Lockdown Essentials Available on the Fashionomics Africa Marketplace

5 Lockdown Essentials Available on the Fashionomics Africa Marketplace

Everyone is full of sound advise about how to best get through the Covid-19 lockdown without completely losing our sanity. One thing almost everyone agrees on, is sticking to a routine which also involves getting dressed in the mornings. It sounds like a no-brainer, but when youre basically starring in your own version of Groundhog Day, it can become increasingly difficult to find the motivation for the simple things like getting dressed. Because, whats the point, right? Its not like anyone is going to get to see you slaying that outfit. And, besides, it feels a bit weird getting office dressed, as people are calling it these days, for the home office or to simply lounge around the couch or balcony all day.

The trick is to find a good middle nothing too dressy but nothing too lazy either. Dont start getting too comfortable in your yoga pants and top combos or you might never turn to proper fashion pieces again. Getting dressed every morning really does have its benefits, no matter how odd it might feel to some. It gives us a sense of normality, boosts our confidence and overall well-being, and makes us feel far more motivated than when were lounging out in our pajamas or yoga get-up all day.

Its almost as though our choice of outfit informs our energy: lounge wear tells our brain to wind down, proper clothes get our brain ready to go and be productive. Following our conversation with fashion designer and stylist, Lynne Kayenne, last week, who let us in on her own lockdown-look, we decided to put together a list of the best lockdown essentials available via the Fashionomics Africa marketplace 5 items that will keep you looking your best in a casual chic manner.

Playful Cheza Dungarees by Mmoja

There is a reason why people in dungarees always seem to emit a laid-back, relaxed and confident vibe theyre just so comfortable! Dungarees are the perfect garment to get you through the lockdown looking stylish without feeling restricted. Were feeling restricted enough at the moment, thank you very much.

These Cheza dungarees by Kenyan fashion brand, Mmoja, are figure-flattering, whilst still offering a loose enough fit to work on your laptop in a cross-legged position. What really makes these dungarees an essential lockdown-garment, however, is their colour palette: made with Kitenge fabric, youll always bring a burst of vibrant colours into your living room and your mind exactly what we need during these trying days!

Stylish Short-Sleeved Shirt by Virgin Bohème

A casual jeans and t-shirt look has definitely become a favourite during this lockdown period. If you want to add a bit of glamour to this look, this beautiful fusion between elegance and funkiness from Virgin Bohéme, is for you. Made from wax fabric, this short-sleeved button shirt comes in a black and white checkered print, with a flattering, loose-fitting hour-glass cut. Featuring a lacey take on ruffles on both shoulders, this shirt adds a bit of stylish quirkiness to another day in the home office.

Asha Culottes by COCOLILI

Kenyan brand, COCOLILI, has a real flair for inspiring that spring feeling we love so much, through their garments. These Asha culotte pants are no exception: midi-length and available in soft shades of white and green, they will make you move around your home office feeling light, breezy and perfectly matched with the colours of the season. They look great paired with a crop top another lockdown classic as well as bodysuits. As for shoes: they look amazing with pumps, so you might feel motivated to practice your strut in anticipation of the first ladies night after coming out of confinement. But not to worry they look just as good with flip flops or snazzy sneakers.

The Machie Dress by Amy Chilaka

Dressing up with no where to go might feel silly to you at first, but youll come to recognize it as an act of self-love. Putting on your favourite dress will make you feel good, even when youre most exciting trip of the day is to the kitchen. And were not just talking typical house dresses you know, those t-shirt and camisole dresses we throw on when were getting our chill on at home.

Dare a little with the Machie dress by Nigerian designer, Amy Chilaka. Made from Duchess stretch crepe and adorned with an abstract, hand-beaded face, this dress is fitted at the waist and flares out at midi-length. The Machie dress offers a fabulous look that will get you through another day in lockdown looking, feeling and doing your best.

Agola Leather Tote by Koko by Khakasa

With all sense of normality having gone out of the window, establish your own even if it means treating your 2-meter trip to the home office like your commute to the real office: i.e. in make-up with your hair styled and showing off your inimitable fashion sense albeit it to yourself. Self-love, baby! Youre probably jonesing for any opportunity to travel with a handbag by now, so why not incorporate the use of the Agola leather Tote bag by Koko by Khakasa into your daily morning/office routine?

Pack the essentials youll be needing for a focused, undistracted workday into this buffed, top grain leather tote available in grey/black, chestnut/mocha and tan/chestnut and bring it into the home office with you. Large enough to hold your bottle of water, phone, agenda, hand-cream and other essentials youd otherwise interrupt your workflow for, the Agola tote could actually stop you from procrastinating. Isnt that an ideal incentive to treat yourself?

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5 Lockdown Essentials Available on the Fashionomics Africa Marketplace

May 05, 2020
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