5 Small Businesses to Support During Slow Fashion Season

5 Small Businesses to Support During Slow Fashion Season

A few weeks ago, we let our readers in on a wonderful initiative that is set to commence on June 21st: Slow Fashion Season. This initiative invites fashion and eco-conscious people from all across the globe to commit to three months of not buying into the fast-fashion fad and, instead, find alternative ways to keep their wardrobe trendy and fresh through reusing, recycling, upcycling and altering old or second-hand clothes. In previous years, the focus was on not purchasing any new items at all, regardless of the chosen outlet. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, and the many small fashion businesses that are struggling to stay afloat while industries have been put on hold, this years Slow Fashion Season encourages participants to support their favourite, local and sustainable brands as well.

With only six days to go until we all start embracing a whole new outlook on fashion, we figured wed give you some inspiration by introducing you to small businesses you should support throughout this transformative challenge. Check out these five small businesses who will get you through the summer sustainably fashionable!

Lamaro Studio

If youre looking for products that were made with love, for women and by women, in Uganda, then Lamaro Studio is the shop for you. Founded and managed by Norah Nyeko, Lamaro Studio is a Gulu-based gift-shop that offers a curated selection of eco-friendly items made my female designers and artisans. Ethically sourced, all our items are one-of-a-kind items from women that are part of community-based groups, Lamaro Studios homepage reads. As of last weekend, selected items can now also be purchased via the Etsy shop and are shipped worldwide. So, whether youre looking for exciting accessories or organic, shea butter infused with lavender, this Ugandan shop will provide.


You know youve found a truly unique brand when you have a renowned actor and poet such as Saul Williams supporting it. And that is the case with Moshions, the Rwandan brand, which creates clothing that celebrates Rwandas eclectic culture by fusing ancient motifs with contemporary designs. Moshions head designer and founder, Moses Turahirwa, didnt set out in the industry until 2015, after he had been toying with the idea of heritage-driven innovation through fashion for quite some time. This is when he finally set out to actively explore Rwandas rich culture, through a wide range of style categories: bespoke, made-to-measure, ready-to-wear and cultural designs. Turahirwa and his team began their quest for a skilful fusion of traditional symbols with contemporary ideas and so, Moshions was born. Check out the fantastic selection of Moshions garments available on the Fashionomics Africa marketplace!

3 Ladies Pirates

Madagascan brand, 3 Ladies Pirates, caters to both men and women and specializes in the use of lambahoany, a printed cotton lamba which, much like East Africas kangas, often feature popular proverbs (also known as ohabolana) along the border. The brand incorporates this traditional fabric into all of its designs, reenvisioning it for the modern times. This year, 3 Ladies Pirates teamed with the Madagascan brand, Vohary, to create a capsule collection of bags and pouches designed for the 2020 woman. The Viavy collection focuses on a fusion of raffia and lambahoany and features three products: the Suzy bucket bag (inspired by poet, Suzy Andry), the Binao clutch (after the famous Queen Sakalava), and the large Gisèle (Rabesahala) bag, which can store all your most important items including your laptop and diary.

Lynne Kayenne Studio

You may recognize the designer behind Lynne Kayenne Studio from the lockdown video we posted on Facebook. Linda Khumbanyiwa, the Malawian designer, who is currently based in London, has spent her lockdown time finalizing her beautiful collection. She describes her brand as a Malawian, contemporary womenswear brand, which utilises my heritage, culture and our craftsmanship to create tailored garments for fashion lovers across the world. At Lynne Kayenne Studio, our goal is to build a fashion and manufacturing industry whilst also ploughing a percent of the profits back into our community to empower women as well as support the youth in the creative sector. The new Lynne Kayenne Studio collection is available via Afrikea.

Mieko Michi

With the summer months ahead of us, were all looking for casual but stylish comfort: that means breathable fabrics, flattering cuts and joyful colours to compliment this carefree season. Nigerian brand, Mieko Michi, is all about getting you through scorching days and humid nights with quality crepe, lace and polished cotton dresses and tops, all of which feature African prints or Asoebi Ankara styles, allowing you to celebrate your heritage. Whether youre looking for a playful day-dress with a splash of colours or an elegant dress for the evening, Mieko Michi has got your back and encourages you to be MiekoMichious! Browse the summery collection via Fashionomics Africas online marketplace!

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