Casual Outfit ideas for Men Looks inspired by Nigerian Fashion Designer Rex Casual

Casual Outfit ideas for Men Looks inspired by Nigerian Fashion Designer Rex Casual

Most men in our lives – brothers, fathers, or colleagues in the office pay little attention to how they dress or their personal style. The typical African man is a provider so you know style is lower down the list of priority. For such men, a favorite denim pants that goes with literally everything in their closet is a win. So, dressing up for a meeting with friends or about their daily task will be a breeze. In as much as lady has to look dashing on first sight, so do men. You never know who you may run into when you’re out and about. Maybe you can meet the woman of your dreams or an opportunity to pitch yourself to a prospect investor. First impression really matters. If you’re such that doesn’t mind wearing the same outfit for three days straight, it is time to up your casual style. Casual style for men doesn’t have to be too expensive. There are simple ways you can dress stylish on a budget. And still look expensive and put together. If you’re looking for casual styles for men, these casual outfit ideas inspired by this Nigerian fashion designer will serve you well. 

About Rex Casual Brand

Rex Casual is a Nigerian fashion designer that makes tailored made casual outfit for men. His passion for sewing and cloth making was inspired by his love to create fashion design pieces. This love was fueled during his National youth service serving the country in Abia State, Nigeria. He visited the famous Aba market where you can get literally any fashion item you want. He was enamored by the sight of young men making fashion pieces like clothes, shoes, bags etc. in the market. So, he found time to stay with these men on several occasions to improve his craft on fashion and design. Rex Casual designs are a mix of contemporary casual outfits, Nigerian Ankara native outfit and Senator attire. Although he is solely a male fashion designer, he also makes outfits for couple and family. 

Casual Outfit ideas Inspired by Rex Casual 

In order to build your personal casual style wardrobe, these outfit ideas are a guide to achieve. As a rule of thumb for men style, you need some pairs of basic trousers for your closet. Basic outfits are an essential wardrobe staple for everyone. Rex Casual produces classic basic pants in the color of your choice. His pants are tailored to fit your body type. We all know how the fit of an outfit can move you from frumpy to stylish in a snap. Casual pants are a versatile wardrobe outfit. You can style these pants to get as much as you want. Basic pants in neutral colors like black or beige can be styled with tee shirts, casual shirts, casual tops, denim jackets, etc. Another basic casual outfit you also need in your closet is some shirts. You need a variation of shirts, either short sleeves or long sleeves. You can have shirts in neutral colors like black, white or grey, vibrant colors like blue, red, wine, etc. Also, you need shirts in color prints like stripes which you can wear as a summer or vacation staple. Rex Casual makes shirts of any of the above variations that you can wear for work or as a casual wear. You can wear a tie with your plain neutral shirt in suits or as a work wear. So, if you’re looking to get as many easy to throw on styles for your small closet, you need basic pants and shirts. These basics make easy to dress stylish on a budget. You also need some accessories like hats, scarves and some jewelry like a classic wrist watch and necklace to up your casual outfit. Although most men feel like jewelries are for women, it is a must have for men too. Adding some basic jewelry to your outfit makes you stylish and expensive. 

Another outfit idea from Rex Casual you need in your closet right now is plain and pattern casual outfit. Plain and pattern pants set are a lovely co-ord set to own. I love to wear co-ord sets because you can get as much use from them. You can wear your plain and pattern together or with other outfits. This outfit idea is also perfect for a casual outing, for a cocktail party or get together. And of course, you can also wear this set to church or as a Friday business casual style. 

Senator wear are a contemporary trendy casual wear you need in your closet. There are so many designs you can choose for your senator wear. It can be a plain simple two piece set or with lovely designs that will give the outfit some style. I really love the idea of a pocket square design on senator wear outfit modeled like the pocket squares of suits. All you have to do is to add your pocket square cloths to it to style up the senator wear. Another super stylish way to wear senator wear is to add some color to the outfit with color accessories like hats or shoes. A plain blue senator wear can be styled with a red native hat and black shoes for parties or work. 

We all know that the Nigerian native Agbada is a staple outfit you need in your closet. You can get any design for your Agbada outfit. It is a go-to outfit for celebrations or wedding ceremonies. If you’re looking for outfits for you and your groom’s men instead of the usual men in suit, you can all dress with Agbada. Your Agbada look is not complete without our native Nigerian hats. The three major tribes in Nigeria have its own hat that goes well with Agbada outfit. Agbada fashion outfit has also become a unisex outfit. So, you can make Agbada for you and your wife or family.  

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My name is Enimhienomo. I am a Nigerian Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. You can follow me on my blog Trendsenstylez for more style tips. 

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Casual Outfit ideas for Men Looks inspired by Nigerian Fashion Designer Rex Casual

Jun 19, 2020
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