The Number 1 reason why your Business is Losing Customers Online and How to Fix it

The Number 1 reason why your Business is Losing Customers Online and How to Fix it

If I Google your business name right now, what kind of information will I find? 

This might seem like a very simple question, but if you actually do this little exercise yourself, you might discover 2 things. 

Your business isn’t visible online.

The information you have out there is either incomplete, outdated, or not enough to convince your customers to want to engage further with you.

Let’s examine some scenarios

Scenario 1: Peter is a prospective customer in Abidjan looking to buy footwear made from African prints. The first thing he does is go on Google to search for brands that sell such items near him. 

If your business name doesn’t appear on the first page of his search list, you are already losing him and other potential customers who are likely searching for the same products as Peter because people rarely visit the second or third pages of the search page.

Scenario 2: Let’s say your business name does appear on his search page. Peter clicks to get more information about your products and how to purchase but there is no phone number to reach you on, neither is there an address to your local store where he can purchase from.

If this happens, Peter will eventually leave your page and continue searching for other businesses offering the same products near him.

Scenario 3: Peter sees an address on your listing, he clicks on it to open Google Maps so he can get directions to your store. After a few minutes of driving around town, he realizes that the address listed on your page is incorrect.

Without an alternative way to reach your store, Peter gives up the search, and either goes back online to keep searching or calls up a friend for recommendations.

This is how you keep losing customers online.

Such scenarios happen primarily to businesses who have not claimed or optimized their listing on Google.

If COVID-19 has taught you anything these last few months it's that your business needs to be online and your customers need to be able to find you. But these days just having a social media page or a website isn’t good enough. You need to think one step ahead and ask yourself “how are people actually finding my business in the first place?”

You might have a website, but if people do not know you exist, how will they know what to search for in the first place?

One of the most common answers will be through “Google search”. If someone is searching for a local business that offers products they are looking to buy, chances are that your business will likely come up on the result page.

Of course, this will only happen if you have claimed your listing and optimized it properly for search. 

To avoid losing more customers online, you need to first create a Google My Business account, optimize, and verify it. 

Continue reading and I ‘ll show you how to set up your account in minutes.

What Is Google My Business?

GMB (for short), is a free and easy to use tool that helps local businesses manage how they appear online across Google search and maps. As a business owner, there are several benefits of using your GMB profile to enhance your online visibility.

Since a large percentage of people are using Google, it means a huge audience can view and access your profile online. The more visible you are — or the more often your business shows up in search results — the better the chances are of drawing people’s attention to you.

Geography also plays a big role here as people want to find businesses that are close by.

How do I claim my Business name on Google?

Step 1: Go to, click on “Manage now” and sign in using your Google account. You must have a Gmail account to use any Google tool. If you don’t have a Gmail account, click here to create a new one.

Step 2: Click on “add your business to Google”.

Step 3: Type in your business name. Make sure that the name you use here is the same as the one listed on your website, social media, and on all your signs and branding.

Step 4: Select a category that best suits your business.

Step 5: Select “Yes”.

Step 6: Fill in your address and tell people where to find you.

Step 7: Select “This doesn’t match” to register your new address.

Step 8: Let your customers know if you deliver outside your location.

Step 9: Tell customers how they can get in touch with you.

Step 10: Click Finish to create your new account.

Once you are done creating your GMB account, the next step will be to optimize and verify it so it appears on search as shown on the picture below. 

I have created a complete guide to help you how to set up, optimize, and verify your Google My Business account. Click here to download your FREE copy.


Written by: Vanessa Mbamarah

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The Number 1 reason why your Business is Losing Customers Online and How to Fix it

Jul 03, 2020
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