Treat Yourself! Fashionomics Africa’s 2020 Summer Season Must-Haves

Treat Yourself! Fashionomics Africa’s 2020 Summer Season Must-Haves

Wow, this year has thrown quite some challenges our way, hasn’t it? It’s hard to believe that we’re only in July when, truly, it feels as though we have lived through this nightmare that is Covid-19, and everything that comes with it, for an entire year or more. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we were locked up for most of the winter and early spring season, and that in itself felt like more than a year. Even if we’re not fully aware of them, there are so many questions and anxieties nagging at us in the back of our heads: when is this all going to end? Will we ever return to normal – not a “new” normal but the kind of norm we have always known? What does all this mean for our professional and academic future? Yes, there are plenty of questions and only few, if any, answers. 

And while the only way to get out of this mess is to get through it – together – we should remember to see the positives, even if it feels difficult right now. We must remember that there are so many things around us to be appreciative of. Ok, so we can’t hit our favourite clubs right now, and all the concerts and festivals we were excited to attend this year won’t be happening. But look around you – all those cute and trendy little cafes and bars in your area are counting on you to bring those good vibes to them instead. Safely and respectfully, of course, but with a positive attitude. And what about all those beautiful nature spots you could be exploring with your friends, all those wonderfully secluded little corners that invite for picnics and lazy Sundays with your peeps? All that extra time you’ll have to discover new cities for weekend getaways, now that you’re not hitting the dancefloor until 5AM only to nurse a hangover until 5PM the next day. It’s all about the silver linings, baby – and they’re everywhere.

To make the most of your new, shiny and bright attitude, go ahead and treat yourself to a new outfit that will help you feel it, rock it and, most importantly, pass it on to all those around you. We all know the impact a new fashion piece can have on our confidence, as well as the business you’re buying it from. So, put all those 2020 worries behind you for now and embrace this odd and awkward summer season for what it is, by shining your own light on it. Here are the top summer picks from our online Fashionomics Africa shop!

Artist Kaftan by Lunar

What is it that we most want from our favourite summer outfits? We want fabrics that feel light and comfortable on the skin, cuts that are airy and breezy and styles that are flattering in a surprising way. This Artist Kaftan by Lunar checks all those boxes. Made from 100% cotton voile, this kaftan is as free-flowing as it is elegant. Featuring a front placket lined with unique river shell buttons and puffy, gathered sleeves, it will help you channel the artist in you – that creative side of yourself that finds gratitude in the freedom of movement, be it through dance, art or poetry. There’s an incredibly romantic look and feel to this kaftan, one that might inspire Dickensian story-lines and fairytale-esque nights spent with your summer lover.

Hand-painted Jacket by Moshions

It’s amazing what a little splash of colour can do against an otherwise plain, black background – it makes a garment pop, draws attention and, in the case of Moshions’ hand-painted jacket, evokes urban memories. Made of top cotton quality and cut into a slim and classy fit, this jacket offers an exciting interplay of styles that ultimately highlights this hand-painted mastery. In this jacket, street style meets high-end, a casual look for evenings out with the lads that can be dressed up into a sophisticated outfit with just a few simple touches – in other words, the type of versatile garment piece we all need in our closets.

K-Daki Brass Ring by Adele Dejak Jewellery

You can never have too much jewellery, especially large, demanding and beautifully crafted statement pieces such as those made by Kenya’s most renowned designer, Adele Dejak. Her pieces inspire a new type of style she refers to as “power dressing”, matching jewellery and fabulous garments in a manner that is guaranteed to make you wear your inner strength on the outside too. Made of extremely durable, recycle brass, the K-Daki ring is a must-have that will enhance even the simplest of outfits.

Thick-Strap Double Stitched Dress by IAMISIGO

In a sense, the first part of 2020 felt almost apocalyptic, what with major cities, towns and villages all around the world having fallen completely silent, with only occasional sightings of human life while the animal kingdom embraced their opportunity to take free reign. Brighter times are definitely ahead, and this thick-strap double stitched dress by IAMISIGO, will allow you to find the perfect balance between paying tribute to the apocalyptic look whilst looking towards the positive changes of a sustainable future. Made from recycled PVC, this dungaree style dress is bound to become the talk of your community.

Green Firefly Jacket by Pipiro GL

Just because the temperatures are soaring during the day, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for nights with a welcoming cool breeze. Things might even get chilly enough for you to require a light jacket to throw on over your little black dress – and this is where the Green Firefly Jacket by Pipiro GL will make for an excellent choice. Made from high-quality Ghanaian textile fabrics, this jacket comes in an ultra-flattering cut and a whimsical colour combination that complements the summer season perfectly. Too hot to wear even on a breezy night? Not to worry – this jacket will also make for a great piece to wear around the office, where the air-con is guaranteed to be on full blast!

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Treat Yourself! Fashionomics Africa’s 2020 Summer Season Must-Haves

Jul 22, 2020
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