Get Creative: The Best African Fashion Tutorials on YouTube

Get Creative: The Best African Fashion Tutorials on YouTube

Whether you’re preparing for another (semi) lockdown or are simply ready to embrace the cosy fall and winter season, you can never go wrong with adding fun creative projects to your daily schedule. And what better hobby – or aspiring profession! – to take up than DIYing your own wardrobe with a little help from experienced dressmakers on YouTube? Not only will it give you an opportunity to put all those fabric scraps you’ve been collecting over the years to good use, you could also find a new purpose for old clothing items that could use a bit of a revamp. Most importantly, of course, you will be paving the path towards a sustainable take on fashion and that, as we know, is a fantastic contribution towards healing our planet.

Many of us have often dreamt of taking up fashion design and dressmaking over the years, and the main reason many of us have never made the leap, is because it can seem rather daunting, mathematical (cringe!) even, what with all those patterns and numbers. It doesn’t need to be this way though – there are easier ways to go about sewing your own clothes and the results will be just as impressive. There’s a whole tribe of dedicated fashion-savvy YouTubers just waiting to help you make that transition from former clothes-shopper to passionate DIYer, and they know all the best tricks in the book to ease you into the exiting world of fashion and creating your own wardrobe.

Here are some of the best African fashion tutorials on YouTube to help guide you into this new hobby. They will teach you all there is to know about making the type of African garments you have always wanted to create and wear, with a fun and easy approach. Let’s get creative!

Cisse’s Apparel

With more than 88.8K subscribers on his YouTube channel, Cisse’s Apparel, this Nigerian fashion designer is training a new generation of DIYers to learn and hone the skill it takes to become professionals. His videos will help you build the confidence to sew anything from a cute playsuit for summery days to come, an eye-catching kimono jacket with a hoodie for the winter season or a native style Agbada for your man. He also offers videos on sewing projects that would make for lovely Christmas gifts for your family and circle of friends: face masks to keep everyone safe, simple hair bonnets to help your mother-in-law keep her curls in check, and funky fila Yoruba caps.


Born in Zimbabwe and based in South Africa, the woman behind popular YouTube channel, Beautarie, is taking the world of African fashion aficionados by storm. Tariro’s channel is full of the most stylish DIY sewing ideas and tutorials – there’s so much to choose from here, you’ll have your winter cut out for you with a myriad of projects that will serve both your wardrobe and as fabulous gift ideas. Make your own cute clutch or shoulder purse with a matching African print statement necklace and deck all your girlfriends out in half circle bags following a super easy method – you’ll never tire of ideas on the Beautarie channel, and you’ll learn so much along the way.

Bilikis Signatures

Ademola Bilikis Erinle, the one-woman-show behind Bilikis Signatures, has established herself as a beloved fashion trainer and YouTuber, who regularly posts exciting sewing projects ranging from super simple to complex. Whether you’d like to learn how to make different styles of trousers or are looking to provide your community with your own range of fun and protective face masks, Bilikis Signatures has got you covered. She also offers in-depth online training classes covering everything from pattern drafting tools to drafting and cutting different styles of garments. Follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming training courses!

Xclusive Styles

Xclusive Styles will teach you about all aspects of fashion – from African dressmaking, Ankara and Aso-Ebi styles to bead designs and even the latest in braided hair trends. Following this channel and all the amazing tutorials on offer here, will guarantee you’re always on point with your chosen wardrobe, up-and-coming braid looks and the coolest accessories. Learn all about the hottest Shweshwe designs and Senegalese dresses and check out the Xclusive Stylez website for beautiful braids and hairstyles to imitate.

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Get Creative: The Best African Fashion Tutorials on YouTube

Nov 18, 2020
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