A Special Advent Treat from Fashionomics Africa: Christmas Vouchers for Your Loved Ones

A Special Advent Treat from Fashionomics Africa: Christmas Vouchers for Your Loved Ones

While the weather outside may not be entirely frightful, this year certainly has been. And while the global atmosphere is still not all that delightful, the Fashionomics Africa team has thought of a special advent treat that will, at the very least, help you put a smile on a loved one’s face. One of the best things we can do during this strange and uncertain Christmas season, is find different ways to support small businesses – locally and further afield. Whether this means buying all of your favourite Christmas treats from your local baker or the ingredients to make them from the little, family-run supermarket just around the corner, or buying all your gifts from artisans markets in your area or on Etsy, there is plenty we can do to support the businesses that have been left to struggle this year.

As we all know, the fashion industry has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and economical crises, and everyone from designers to their supply chains have been left in a lurch. This is a field that is particularly close to our hearts, after all, fashion has given us so much – clothes don’t just keep us warm, they often inform who we are and contribute to such a big part of our self-confidence and self-worth. That’s why Fashionomics Africa decided to make it easy for you to support various African designers and surprise your fashion-obsessed friend or aunt, by ways of a fabulous voucher for our online shop – it’s a win-win situation for everybody! With this voucher, the recipient will receive a 10% discount off of any product in our shop plus free shipping – it may be a small one, but it’s a tiny Christmas miracle all the same, and we are happy to be offering it to all our loyal followers.

We have compiled a little selection of some of the fantastic products we are currently selling on our platform, to demonstrate that there really is something for everyone on here. Your younger brother who is all about the casually cool t-shirts as well as your BFF and her flair for glamour and eye-catching colours, will be sure to find a good way to spend their Christmas vouchers.

The Kedi Bag by Valoyi

We can almost guarantee that, there’s hardly a woman in your family that wouldn’t be drawn to the Kedi Bag by purpose-driven, affordable luxury accessories brand, Valoyi. Combining the classic beauty and tradition found in the handcrafted Bogolan cloths from the people of Malia, this unique drum bag will make for a fabulous accessory that also happens to hold a lot of your personal items. The cotton fabric, which features beautiful white Bambana designs on a black background, is made using fermented mud – a process that dates back  all the way to the 12th century. So, this bag is not just a great addition to anyone’s collection of handbags, it is also a way to honour a long-standing tradition.

The Ikawa Shirt by Moshions

If you follow our blog, you may have read our insightful interview with the founder and designer behind the Rwandan brand, Moshions, Moses Turahirwa. In this interview, he told Fashionomics Africa that, “we are challenging ourselves to become a leader in ethical fashion on the continent. It’s high time for the fashion industry to consider the environmental impact it poses on the planet.” Now if that isn’t an important and timely philosophy to support by ways of your gifting choices this year, we don’t know what is. Moshions, which creates both women’s and men’s fashion, offers a whole range of exciting garment pieces which merge both traditional and modern designs. Check out the Ikawa Shirt, for example, a smartly fitted plain white shirt enhanced by geometric sleeved details, from the brand’s 2019 Inkingi Collection – we bet your fashion and eco conscious brother from another mother would love it, don't you?

The Enane Jacket by Pipiro GL

The Kenyan brand, Pipiro GL, is all about popping colours and intriguing patterns – which is exactly what we could all use during these bleak days of uncertainty. By gifting your sister, mother, aunt or BFF one of our Christmas vouchers, you’ll stand a good chance that they will spend it on this Enane jacket. With its vivid shades of orange, red and blue, it will be a gift not just for themselves, but also for you – they’ll brighten anyone’s day rocking up in this joyful jacket. Easily paired with a skirt, tailored pants or jeans, the Enane jacket will put a whole new spin on (home) office wear.

The Apollo Leather Laptop Shoulder Bag by Wazawazi

Here’s another one the men in your life are definitely going to be into: the Apollo laptop shoulder bag from the Nairobi-based, Afrocentric luxury leather brand Wazawazi, which is focused on telling the story of modern-day Africa. This bag will help the user make a statement about who they are – on and off duty. “Stylish and functional, it is the perfect embodiment of the modern professional.” It has separate compartments for all your business tools ranging from business cards to notes, valuables and pens, and provides easy access to all your small electronic gadgets too. It has an adjustable and removable 45” long leather strap, and is also foreseen with full leather tote handles.

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A Special Advent Treat from Fashionomics Africa: Christmas Vouchers for Your Loved Ones

Dec 09, 2020
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