DENRI AFRICA: Young African Businesses Making Strides in the Fashion Industry

DENRI AFRICA: Young African Businesses Making Strides in the Fashion Industry

The African fashion industry remains small and in its emerging stages. However African businesses are making strides, challenging the status quo, and taking up their space. DENRI Africa is one such brand which has cemented its position in the Kenyan fashion industry, delivering excellence and quality through its unique range of bags that are durable, classy and trendy. In the midst of all the challenges faced, DENRI Africa has earned its mark as a household name for bags and a trendsetter in Kenya. 

DENRI Africa is a fashion brand targeting a wide range of consumers, but with a specific focus is on the middle-class. Principally, it aims to provide stylish and tasteful travel bags, briefcase bags, backpacks, and handbags for the millennial and Generation Z market. To this class of consumers, having the latest fashion pieces is central to their identity, and, DENRI Africa’s vast collection provides room for their individual expression.

Founded in 2015, DENRI Africa is the brainchild of entrepreneur Dennis Mwaura, a Strathmore University, Commerce graduate. He is backed by a hard working team of youthful leaders who are aware of the latest happenings in the market and can always provide credible insights geared towards the company’s success. DENRI Africa operates under several departments that are actively engaged and integrated into creating organizational synergy and guaranteeing the company’s profitability through best practice business models. 

The roots of DENRI Africa can be traced to Dennis’ childhood experiences. However, in campus, Dennis needed to find an avenue to generate income and provide a creative outlet. He found his niche in the bag market and roped in a few of his peers to establish DENRI Africa. Most of the challenges that DENRI Africa has faced are typical of startups. DENRI Africa believes that a business must keep changing tact until it find a modus operandi that works for it and appeals to consumer demands. As expected in the industry, the learning curve has been steep and expensive. Nonetheless, as the business has grown, it now has a much comprehensive understanding of what works for it and what doesn’t. In the face of such challenges, DENRI Africa remains innovative, and finding its style has been a major turning point for them. The company values and culture have evolved and consequently materialized in a more resilient bag!

Rethinking how it innovate has been central to the company’s success. DENRI Africa is continually innovating and creating new products as per the market demands and expanding to other cities within the country. The company is operationalizing efficiency within its systems to foster responsiveness to changing consumer demands. “Our brand is customer-centric at its core, and what the customer wants, they get” says a team member at DENRI AFRICA.

According to DENRI Africa, the Fashion industry is young and vibrant, with lots of opportunities for creatives and fashion designers to take advantage. New brands are coming up, as the barriers to entry are minimal, and this ensures there is healthy but tough competition too. More people now explore themes outside western ideas of beauty and integrate an afro-centric vibe to art and fashion. More creatives are coming up with ideas that induce pride in locally made products and as a company; DENRI Africa is happy to be part of this space. As the business continues to grow, most of the support it needs is strategic and monetary. DENRI Africa highlighted that it would find much value in having mentors who guide brands such as its own, to maintain longevity and austerity within an environment that demands sustainability. In that regard, DENRI Africa believes that financial institutions should also be willing to take a chance on fashion entrepreneurs, perhaps including workshops on how to manage capital and investments could help increase small and medium-sized enterprises’ success rates. 

DENRI Africa on how covid-19 has affected its business, and how it has adapted

DENRI Africa noted that the pandemic has been a blow to industry. It has affected its sourcing of raw materials especially raw materials from abroad, and thereby affecting one of the most critical departments in an organization-sales! Covid-19 restricted movement and the sad reality is that with no movement, there are no sales. But there is always a silver lining. DENRI Africa refocused on creating everyday use bags for consumers across all demographics. By expanding product lines and increasing marketing appeal, the brand offered new bag types that resonated with people at home. This diversification expanded its product offerings from travel bags to more versatile pieces. Thanks to the pandemic, Denri Africa has more than 40 varieties of bags for its clients!

DENRI Africa wants to be the market leader in making bags. Its vision is to explore the African market and culture to create products that embrace the African identity and pride. DENRI Africa also anticipates expanding corporate social responsibility initiatives that elevate communities and empower groups towards social change. By becoming a household name, the brand can receive greater visibility as a sustainable and socially conscious enterprise. 

To view more of DENRI Africa’s work, visit its online store at, and Facebook- DENRI Africa, Twitter- @DenriAfrica, Instagram- @denri_africa.

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DENRI AFRICA: Young African Businesses Making Strides in the Fashion Industry

Feb 03, 2021
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