Top Online Sites for Up-skilling

Top Online Sites for Up-skilling

One of the major lessons that Covid-19 has taught us, is that there is always time to learn something new. Whilst most people often cited hectic schedules and failure to physically attend classes as an excuse for not up-skilling, the global lockdowns gave a lot of people a window to explore the online world. It’s said that “you either evolve or die” and there has never been a time where the statement makes more sense than now. As we live in ever-changing times, there is a reason for everyone to keep learning in order to stay relevant. Here is a list of some of the online platforms you can explore for up-skilling. 


Coursera is one of the top sites for online skills learning. Whether you are seeking to take a free course, earn a degree, earn a certificate, launch or advance your career, Coursera is the platform for you. It partners leading universities and companies for on-demand training for up-skilling organizations. The subject areas covered include business analytics, graphic designing and more. Additionally, the site offers degrees from leading universities. Through its rich network of stakeholders, it provides over 5,100 courses, more than 40 certificates and more than 25 degree programs. What is most ideal about this site is its wide range of free courses as well as affordable options in terms of degree programs, all of this accessible from the comfort of one’s home. Coursera also provides industry recognized credentials and shareable certificates. Its rich content is a result of its collaboration with more than 200 companies and leading universities.  These include University of Michigan, Imperial College of London, Google, IBM as well as Alibaba Cloud Academy. 


edX is another online learning platform. With over 3,000 courses and more than 350 programs, the site aims to bring transformation through education. Where certain knowledge and skills were previously accessible to fewer people due to the conventional education system, edX has made it possible for education to be accessible to all people, provided they have a reliable internet connection. The courses offered on edX cover areas such as humanities, math and computer science. The site boasts of over 34 million subscribers, and an enrolment of over 100 million across edX courses. Its founders include Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whilst the University of California, and the Australian University are some of its contributors. Even more exciting, is the fact that edX has a section dedicated specifically to business, where it provides over 1,000 courses covering world-class content in various subject areas like business management, computer sciences and data analytics among others. These courses are also complimented by professional skills such as excel, inclusive leadership and other key business proficiencies. 


CreativeLive is an exciting learning platform for creative enthusiasts. It offers thousands of online classes on creative crafts such as photography, art and design, craft and maker courses, as well as music and audio. Whatever your level of passion for the creative field, CreativeLive will help one take big strides quickly. From global inspiration through ideas from acclaimed experts, staying engaged through content on daily activity engagements and on the go learning, CreativeLive is your go to if you love blending learning and fun. The site has creative classes’ videos that are streamed 24/7, and these are complimented by some entertainment from CreativeLive TV, for when you want to step back and relax a little. The site also boasts of the best instructors on demand, having over 700 master creators which comprise of Grammy winners and Best Sellers. Some of the site’s master creators are CEO and Founder of FUBU, Daymond John as well as renowned fashion photographer Lindsay Adler. CreativeLive also has a facility for teams-CreativeLive for Business, where entrepreneurs can build a workforce of innovators, doers and hustlers through up-skilling. 

MIT OpenCourseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseware is a great online learning platform for science and tech lovers, as well as those who are learners at heart. It is a web-based publication of virtually all of MIT course content. The thrust behind it is to publish all of MIT’s course content and make it available to everyone. As such, the course range available on the site is as broad as that available at the Institution.  In addition to core courses and programs, the site also has interdisciplinary topics such as Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Life Science and Transportation. The site does not only service students, professionals and individual learners, but it also has materials for educators, which helps them improve their courses and curricula.


Udemy is one of the most popular online sites for learning. With over 130,000 courses to choose from, and 70,000 top industry instructors, one’s options are endless in terms of learning. Udemy offers the most up to date courses which are in line with industry needs. Some of its popular courses include Web Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Graphic design and illustration as well as IT Certification.   Udemy is a leading global marketplace for teaching, learning, and connecting as attested to by its impressive stats. The platform has 40 million learners, 155,000 courses, 480 million course enrolments and over 7,000 enterprise customers! 80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Udemy for up-skilling. For those seeking to up-skill their work team, there is Udemy for Business. This facility allows access to fresh content taught by industry experts and world practitioners, unlimited access to over 5,500 courses selected on Udemy at any time and any device, as well as actionable learning insights.  Whether you are an avid learner, student, educator or business, Udemy definitely has something to suit your needs. 

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Top Online Sites for Up-skilling

Jun 24, 2021
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