Maternity Fashion Tips for Stylish Moms

Maternity Fashion Tips for Stylish Moms

Pregnancy comes with so much excitement and expectation. If you are a first-time mom, you are transitioning into the new phase of motherhood, and for previous moms, you already know the road ahead is filled with mixed emotions. Without doubt, changes will have to be made to one’s wardrobe, in order to accommodate the plus one (or more). Other women tend to look at this experience as the end of looking fashionable, but the truth is, you can always maintain your sense of style even with a baby bump. Here are some tips on how to keep looking amazing, as you count down to the day you finally hold your bundle of joy!

Buy your actual size

As pregnancy progresses, there are many changes that happen in terms of body shape. Most times, this involves embracing the voluptuousness that comes with the extra weight gain. The temptation is usually to buy regular clothes, which are two or three sizes bigger than one’s actual size. Sadly, this often results in a very unattractive look that makes one feel frumpy and possibly have low self-esteem. Picking one’s actual size, on maternity clothes actually proves to be a life saver. When one picks their right size on maternity clothes, it actually ensures that there is room for the baby bump, and a bigger bust, without exaggerating the additional weight. 

Invest in loose t-shirts and dresses

Loose t-shirts and dresses are considered maternity essentials as they allow ones’ baby bump to have freedom. Floral mid/maxi-summer dresses are a great option, especially in summer. They allow moms-to-be the pleasure of looking good, without a need to regularly update the wardrobe.  Likewise, t-shirts make a great wardrobe piece for pregnant women. They can be combined with maternity, jeans, tights, or skirts, leaving one to be comfortable and trendy at the same time. 

Wear natural breathable fabrics

This is a style tip that will save you during pregnancy. Comfort is the ultimate theme that will ensure one survives pregnancy with much ease. That being said, wearing breathable fabrics is a must. Cotton is highly recommended because it is light and less likely to irritate expecting moms. Linen is also another pregnancy-friendly material that will be beneficial during pregnancy. There are so many fashion pieces made from breathable fabrics, which you can experiment with and look sleek, while pregnant. 

Pick a peplum!

As the weight tends to get out of hand, the peplum is a must have. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also very stylish. Peplum tops can be worn with jeans, or skirts. If you are one of the ladies who isn’t keen to show off their bump until at a later stage, the peplum does an incredible job hiding the bump. Because peplums are quite roomy around the waistline, one can grow with them, even until the third trimester. 

Add that accessory!

The role of accessories in sprucing up a look cannot be over emphasized, even during pregnancy. Instead of wearing an entirely plain outfit, one can make things a bit exciting by adding an accessory such as a colourful scarf, earrings, or a statement necklace. Jewellery is good for showcasing your personality and accentuating one’s look. However, caution needs to be exercised in this department, as over accessorizing can produce the opposite of looking good. In the quest to look good, room must be given for the pregnancy glow to take centre stage!

Choose paper bag pants

Paper bag pants are a great fashion piece for pregnant women especially if made from breathable materials. They create an effortless look that is both comfortable and stylish. With an adjustable self-tie belt, and side pockets, nothing screams comfort like paper bag pants. With these, you can stay true to your sense of style without sacrificing your comfort. There are an incredibly chic wardrobe pieces which you can wear for lunch dates, running errands or for a date night. Paper bag pants are also great for providing a proportionate look, whilst bringing out the waist detail. A key thing to be wary of when selecting the paper bag pants, is to select ones that complement your body type. If you are petite or slender, it would make sense to choose ones that are cropped at the bottom. If you are a plus size on the other hand, it is advisable to go for the wide legged version of the pants. 

Invest In the Right Underwear

Behind every good look is properly fitting underwear! Underwear becomes even more important when one is pregnant. This is because not only the bump grows, but the bust too. As such, one needs maternity underwear that is specially made to adapt to one’s body size during pregnancy. Regular underwear might be strained during pregnancy, and stretched elastics are most likely going to be uncomfortable. Maternity underwear on the other hand, is usually made of over 90% cotton and some percentage of spandex. For bras, you definitely need to avoid underwire, and go for maternity bras with a wide band. If you are one who is friend with the gym, a sports bra will also not be a bad idea. However, as you approach your delivery dates, it’s advisable to wear nursing bras.

Form fitting dresses

Yes! Form fitting dresses are not a killjoy for moms to be, if they are worn in the right materials. If you are not a fan of loose-fitting clothes, go for form fitting dresses made of cotton or knitted material. These have the advantage of growing with your belly, and showing off your baby bump in a stylish way. In the early days of pregnancy, fitting dresses will also avoid making you bigger than you actually are. 

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Maternity Fashion Tips for Stylish Moms

Sep 21, 2021
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