How to Look Good on a Budget

How to Look Good on a Budget

It is many women’s dream to look drop dead gorgeous, and pull off jaw dropping looks at every possible opportunity. However, the budget factor is usually the major obstacle standing in the way of achieving such style goals. That being said, it is quite obvious that the prospect of looking good without breaking the bank never leaves the mind of most fashion enthusiasts. This week we take a look at some tips that serve both your wardrobe and your bank account, simultaneously.

Buy classic pieces versus trendy clothes

Looking fashionable is not always synonymous to wearing trendy clothes. In as much as impulse buying is tempting, very few people have the budget to keep up with every latest trend. Most people find themselves spending money on the latest looks, which are soon forgotten once their season is over. Before they know it, they are on their way to a boutique again, looking for the next best thing – a cycle which is highly unsustainable in terms of financial and environmental costs. Instead of having a dozen-coloured t-shirts whose quality cannot stand the test of time, why not invest in two high quality black and white tees that are versatile enough to be worn with many different attires? Other great and timeless pieces include a leather jacket, perfectly fitting jeans, a blazer with a neutral colour and a little black dress. With these classic pieces, you can be rest assured that you have sound back up, as far as fashion emergencies are concerned. 

Be a good thrift shopper

If you are a fashion enthusiast who is operating on a tight budget, being a good thrift shopper cannot be over emphasized. You definitely need to be on the lookout for the best thrift shops if you want to look fabulous, and rock luxury brands at low cost. Second-hand clothing keeps you in step with a great sense of style, but it is also a mission that can be quite exhausting. To make the process less tiring, one can make a list of the ideal pieces that they would like to see in their wardrobe. The list will help create a mental picture that will narrow one’s focus as they shop, consequently making the experience more doable. Where possible, do combine online and physical shopping. With a list of your coveted items in hand, and accompanying images, it will be easier for store clerks to help you locate the desired items.

Buy clothes you will actually wear

That’s right! It is of no use stocking your wardrobe with lots of clothes, most which you will never wear. As such, it is very important to ensure that the clothes one spends their money on, are ones that make them feel confident and great. Knowing one’s body type and buying clothes that compliment it, will go a long way in making one a shopper that makes every dollar count. When one buys clothes based on functionality, style, and body type, it will always result in an amazing wardrobe and huge savings.

Invest in neutral colours

Neutral colours are always a good cover when you only have a few dollars to spare for building your wardrobe – they make a fantastic base. A healthy balance of black, white, tan, navy and grey makes a big difference when you are aiming to look good in the least costly way. Neutral colors are pleasing to the eye, and have a subtle feel which makes it hard for people to notice when one repeats the outfit. As a bonus, they can also be combined with colourful pieces which pop to create looks that stand out.

Have a range of accessories

Sometimes our minds can deceive us into thinking that we need a million-dollar wardrobe in order to look great, when all we need are accessories! Fashion is not at all limited to clothing, and accessories are a great way to spruce up one’s look, as they can give seemingly dull outfits a new life line. The beauty of accessories is that they are affordable and easier to buy than the apparel we love. Investing in affordable statement neckpieces, bangles, and earrings can instantly update one’s wardrobe, and enhance one’s personality, by allowing one to express their style in different ways.  

Mix luxury and basic pieces

For someone who is operating on a tight budget, filling one’s entire wardrobe with luxury brands is not the smartest choice to make if budgetary constraints were not an issue. However, many women’s dream would be to have high-class, high-quality brands filling their wardrobe. Sadly, without a hefty salary, basic wardrobe pieces are the go-to option for most. To get the best of both worlds, one can invest in a few luxury pieces to compliment the basic pieces in the wardrobe, creating the perfect mix. That way one can ensure they look stylish, without much financial damage to their pockets.

Personal grooming will go a long way

Good grooming is an essential component of looking good, and goes a long way in making even cheap clothes look great! There will always be a huge difference between a person wearing a $4 t-shirt with great skin and the same outfit on a person with dull, and unkempt hair. Simple habits like trimming and polishing one’s nails, getting a neat haircut, and clean, shiny hair will always increase one’s style cred, at low cost. Even in the absence of expensive facials, manicures, contoured make – up and fake eyelashes, taking a bath, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, will give one the healthy glow that is needed to turn a simple look into a sophisticated one.

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How to Look Good on a Budget

Oct 04, 2021
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