African Swimwear Brands to Wear This Summer

African Swimwear Brands to Wear This Summer

At this time of the year, the African summer is already at an advanced stage and the frequent trips to the beach and the pool are probably a signal that swimsuits need to feature more in your summer wardrobe.  Whether you choose to take a refreshing swim on a hot day, or chase an adrenaline rush on a surfboard, there is no better way to tap into the warm weather-goodness, than rocking gorgeous swimwear. The summer gets even better, when your swimwear arsenal is stocked with African brands. Here are some African owned swimwear brands to consider for some stunning swimwear for your wardrobe! 


Aude was founded by Côte d’Ivoire’s designer, Koukaou Djezeahou Aude Elsis, otherwise known as Aude Harris. The brand reflects the African heritage of its founder through its exquisite, luxurious swimsuits and resort wear. The Aude collection caters for both men and women of different shapes and sizes. For those who want to take couple goals up a notch, and invest in matching outfits for their baecation, the brand also offers the “His and Hers” collection.  Aude’s swimsuits come in one piece and two-piece sets, which have options for both curvy and petite women.  For the gentlemen who care to look good while out and about in the summer, Aude also has stylish swimming trunks. Drawing inspiration from its founder’s love for African culture, travel, fashion, Aude’s collections are dominated by bold African prints that will add a splash of colour to your summer look, and turn heads with the eccentric designs. Alternatively, you can choose to go subtle, opting for equally great looks through the Aude Solids collections. The brand also has gorgeous cover ups to compliment the swimsuits. If you would like to shop for some great swimsuits from Aude, you can visit their online shop.



Bantu Wax is an African swimwear and surf brand that was founded by Yodit Eklund. Born to an Ethiopian mother and American father, Yodit is passionate about reflecting the African surf culture she grew up in through her brand. As such, Bantu Wax aims to export Africa’s rich youth culture through its bold and daring product designs, which are inspired by African wax prints. Whether you just want to cool down with a swim on the beach, or catch some waves on a surfboard, Bantu Wax has got you covered with its swimwear and surf products. From bikinis, men’s swim shorts, wetsuits and surfboards, Bantu Wax has a colourful and chic range for you to choose from. The brand has its headquarters in Dakar, where it sells its products from a cool surf shack that doubles as a great hangout place if you just want to have a chilled smoothie on the beach. You can visit their website to view or purchase Bantu wax’s products. 



Ohana is a Kenyan swimwear brand that was founded by Neema Nkatha Kinoti. The idea to establish a swimwear brand was motivated by a gap in the Kenyan swimwear market that Neema identified. Ohana produces swimwear for the whole family, catering for women, men and children, and through its collections, seeks to foster a swimming culture amongst Kenyans. Its collections feature bold African prints and designs made to cater for different body types. It also caters for different tastes, providing edgy designs such as cut out one piece and two piece patterned suits, to basic designs. Unique to the brand, is the modest swimwear collection, which was designed to accommodate individuals who wish to reveal less skin. If you would like to cover up some skin because of religion, culture or merely wanting to limit your skin’s exposure to harsh UV rays, Ohana’s modest wear collection is the right pick for you. Whichever piece you select from their collections, you are guaranteed of a splendid look. With the brand’s bold combination of colours and African inspired patterns, you can pull off a great look whilst showcasing your love for your African roots. Visit the Ohana website to purchase their stylish swimwear. 



Paxwear is a Kenyan swimwear brand founded by Idah Alouch. The young entrepreneur grew up in the Lake Victoria region in Kenya, where she fell in love with swimming. When she was older, she moved to bigger towns where she watched people swim in bikinis. The experience motivated her not to just own a bikini, but to make one herself. This led her to start Paxwear, a contemporary Made in Kenya swimwear brand meant to empower women through fashionable, vibrant and timeless bikinis. Paxwear makes high-quality bikinis in which you can flaunt your body on the beach, or simply pair with your everyday clothes. The brand also makes beautiful cover-ups to go with the solid-coloured bikinis. Its style is minimalistic, timeless and subtle. As a bonus, Paxwear bikinis come in adorable, mini-bags which can you use for carrying your beach essentials as you enjoy the summer sun. To purchase Paxwear swimwear, visit their website.


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African Swimwear Brands to Wear This Summer

Nov 18, 2021
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