The internet, a benefit or challenge for African fashion?

The internet, a benefit or challenge for African fashion?

The internet’s growth has changed the way we all live. It has influenced our every day activities and business is not an exception. When the internet started to grow, suddenly a massive gap was eliminated and allowed people from all over the world to have access to the same products, immediate conversations, and instant news. This change inspired ideas of implementing tools like the e-commerce business, online shopping, and massive publicity online.

Today, fashion is being democratized and available for everyone online. Shipping tools allow people from across the globe to purchase international products and suddenly, the competition has grown in an astounding way. Currently, new brands and ventures can easily contact their ideal target through correct marketing implementation and although competition has grown, it has become fair for anyone who does the job right.

Along with this growth in exposure thanks to the internet, since 2011, a global interest in African fashion has increased. According to Google trends, search results for African Fashion has almost tripled itself and it is no surprise that entrepreneurs used this opportunity to start their own businesses.

However, although many advantages have come from this global change the internet has brought, a few challenges are requiring a strategic plan for business owners. Since every company is just a few clicks away, competition is harder every single day and big recognized brands like Amazon ,for example, are available and make it hard for small brands to compete with the prices and customer loyalty they have.

How can entrepreneurs get the answer to this challenge? Make sure to always consider and give great importance to whatever your differentiator is.  No matter how much competition exists, buyers always love innovations, quality products, and good prices. Although competition is tough, there is a huge market for every company out there.


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The internet, a benefit or challenge for African fashion?

Oct 31, 2017
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