The CROSS.CULTURE. project

The CROSS.CULTURE. project

CROSS.CULTURE. is a project started by two women – Georgina Campbell and Cebisa Mafukuzela, which celebrates the differences between cultures and embraces their heritage.

The two creators met while working in Cape Town at a sustainable design consultancy firm. Even though they are coming from two completely different backgrounds and cultures, Georgina and Cebisa shared the same interest and, therefore, their collaboration came very naturally.

Regarding the project, CROSS.CULTURES. engages other, diverse cultures through the means of fashion and textile. Both designers have design and architecture training, which can be easily observed in their unique graphic patterns, plus their strong connections to their respective heritages accentuate their designs even more. Moreover, Georgina and Cebisa are both representing South Africa and its many diverse faces and are working on finding the points where the two cultures intersect. The whole project is just a huge mix between Masai and Herero patterns, and traditional Celtic designs.

What is more, the couple designers use local manufacturers as a source of their fabrics and plan to source from local start-ups or textile designers, as the business evolves. The clothes are very diverse in structure, which reflects the two different cultures that the designers come from. There are pieces with an organic flow and those with a more constructed design – some are very architectural while others are designed to almost fall as the fabric allows. Plus, the couple has their work divided: Georgina is in charge of designing the textiles and prints, while Cebisa plays the role of the fashion designer.

Lastly, the advice that the two designers want to give to others out there is – to be to true to yourself in whatever it is you are creating. They further explain, that it is not about staying up-to-date with the fast-moving creative industries, it is “about expressing your unique self through your work – which will always be timeless”. They also add, that you should always remember your purpose and that not all opportunities are good. 

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The CROSS.CULTURE. project

Nov 07, 2017
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