Bold Kampala helping entrepreneurs and noticing the market’s growth

Bold Kampala helping entrepreneurs and noticing the market’s growth

Bold Kampala has always been a business woman. After returning to Uganda after finishing her studies in Uganda, she saw a business opportunity and worked with it. Just as many others, she noticed how he fashion industry was growing, and although the design part of it had never been of interest, the business behind fashion always did call her attention. It had always called her attention how a large number of designers were completing their studies, and although deserving a lot more credit for their work, were having trouble selling and doing the business part of the job.

Bold decided to partner up with a couple of friends and create a business that would stock up on the work of these designers and be in charge of the selling. In her products, there was everything from clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, to even music DVDs, and most importantly, all sourced from African entrepreneurs.

Over the years, she has grown from selling products from only 2 designers, to over 30 today. She has definitely seen the growth happening in Africa and says that the greatest impact has been viewing how “A few years ago, wearing African prints was the preserve of mothers. You had to be a mother of a certain age to wear kitenge. But today people are proud of their heritage,” she explains. Designers are proving themselves, and it is becoming more acceptable for a young person to go to fashion school. Internationally African designs and African prints are a big trend.” This can only give great hope to those who have a dream of growing in this sector.

Bold Kampala believes that her biggest challenge has been e-commerce. Selling online is not as easy because the cost of shipping to far away places in the world higher than the price of the actual order. This definitely is not allowing them to sell as much as they could and therefore, she insists on the importance of taking advantage of the local market. Most importantly, for every young entrepreneur out there, no matter if you love the creation of fashion – or the business itself, there is a huge potential out there. Bold believes that “In entrepreneurship you have to learn to constantly put out fires, have sleepless nights and to grow a thick skin. It is exhausting – but incredibly rewarding.” So, work hard and believe in yourself!

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