Meet Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan, or as more commercially known – Dunnie OH, who is a fascinating artist from Nigeria. She has gained quite the following over a couple of years when she started to express herself creatively more.

Dunnie has studied in the Tuskegee University and being the social butterfly that she is, she got herself into some significant events, such as Facet Fashion Week and Hollywood Confidential Series. Today, Dunnie has her own luxury swimsuit line “Olori”, which is a combination of American and Nigerian influences that celebrates melanin-rich queens. Moreover, her swimsuit line embraces women of all shapes and sizes, however, as she herself puts it, it is more than just "making women feel good and empowering them".

Dunnie is an entrepreneur, who apart from her swimsuit line, is also opening her own art & design gallery. It is still work in progress, however, by the time it’s finished, it will have all things African art and fashion. The gallery is decorated with beautiful murals, which are all created by Dunnie herself. She tells the story of how her parents preferred her to go into science studies instead of creative ones and how she loved to draw and paint as a child.

"The murals are years of suppressed creativity. You are looking at liberation."

Her gallery possesses her personal collection of African inspired styles, all available for use by stylists for various events or/and projects. What is more, Dunnie is a proud Nigerian, with her both parents being Yoruba. She is happy that people are now embracing the African culture and heritage, comparing to when she was in school. She admits having even been called the “African booty scratcher”, which made her hate wearing braids. Nevertheless, she admits, that people have become more respectful towards other cultures and heritages, “and now you can't catch me without them” [braids].

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Nov 08, 2017
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