3 tips that will shockingly increase your productivity and prevent your procrastination

3 tips that will shockingly increase your productivity and prevent your procrastination

With the amount of information entrepreneurs have on their minds on a daily basis, and the difficulty some people have concentrating, finding ways to be productive can be complicated.

Many people also suffer from a condition called ADHD, which makes it even harder to concentrate on one task without leaving it unfinished. For entrepreneurs, workloads are usually high and the need to organize tasks is essential, especially because there is no boss around measure work productivity for you. If you are looking for ways to improve your productivity game, and want to become a super entrepreneur that gets all of the days work done, read our 3 tips, and notice how your productivity will start to increase as procrastination starts to decrease.

Work space organization

For people who have trouble concentrating, any small thing can cause hours of distractions. Having this in mind, you should organize your workspace .This means cleaning the clutter, turning you phone downwards to avoid notifications, putting books and toys into a drawer, and avoiding any loud music with lyrics that may get you distracted. This is a great first step to increase productivity by avoiding things that may stop you along the way.

Demand deadlines for yourself

Think about it, if you had a boss and worked at someone else’s company, they would definitely set tasks for your to comply with on certain deadlines. Just because you work on your own company does not mean that this should change. Make a calendar and set deadlines for yourself. Not only will this help organize your time, but remember to be strict, since pushing deadlines will not help with your productivity. Be your own boss.

Be ready before sleep

Many people have no idea about how productive this small task can be. Tonight, try following a backward map on how you are going to prepare for work, an event, or a meeting the next day. When you wake up with a clear plan that includes everything (from what you are going to wear, to your main objectives at an activity) you will save minutes of thinking time that can be used on other unexpected things throughout the day. People say success is in the preparation for a reason!

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