How to Use Your Weekend to Prep for the Week Ahead Like a Boss

How to Use Your Weekend to Prep for the Week Ahead Like a Boss

Does this sound familiar? You spend so much time at work that your home is falling to the wayside. You can’t remember the last time you came home and actually had two hours to relax before going to bed, because arriving at home always means going through the next to-do list away from work: cooking dinner, light housework, laundry, etc. etc. We tend to think this approach to rushing through life and checking off all our to-dos is unavoidable, but we’re here to tell you it is. By using your weekend wisely, you can carve out quality time for yourself during the week – and you won’t even have to sacrifice your entire weekend to achieve this. Here are our top tips on how to prep for the week ahead like a boss.

Friday Afternoon Correspondence

Before you leave the office on Friday afternoon, make sure you have answered all emails that are part of the planning stages for the next week. Try to get all your meetings and appointments booked before you head into the weekend, this way you won’t have any unresolved organizational matters nagging at you when you’re desperately trying to catch up on some z’s on Sunday morning. Once you’re sure you have all your appointments set in stone, transfer dates and locations into your bullet journal or agenda – it will give you a sense of security and closure and will allow you to embrace relaxing this weekend.


If you’re heading out of town or even the country for an important meeting next week, get ahead of your planning game by pre-packing your suitcase. Not only will this eliminate another item off your checklist, it will also lessen any anxiety you might feel about choosing the right outfit for the big meeting. By planning our outfit and carry-on ahead of time, you can make it fun – try on different outfits, practice your power-poses in them in front of the mirror and make your decision without time-pressure. It’ll make things go a lot more smoothly than when you decide to pack last minute, only to find that you’re not vibing with the outfit you chose upon arrival.

Sunday Meal-Prep

What takes up the most time when you get home from work in the evenings? You guessed it: cooking! At least, if you’re looking to follow a healthy diet. Fresh cooking requires a lot of chopping, slicing and preparation, so we often give into laziness and skip that healthy meal in favour of a quick sandwich or worse: microwave dinners. Don’t jeopardize your health and energy levels by eating poorly. Instead, use a few hours on Sunday to meal-prep for the week ahead. Choose two, simple but delicious and healthy meals you can cook in batches and freeze them; pre-cut vegetable sticks, prepare overnight oats, freeze your smoothie portions etc. so you have everything on hand to start your day and relax into your evening when you get home after work.

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How to Use Your Weekend to Prep for the Week Ahead Like a Boss

Jun 21, 2019
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