Poly & Lunar: Two Sustainable South African Fashion Brands Available on Vepsi

Poly & Lunar: Two Sustainable South African Fashion Brands Available on Vepsi

Yesterday, we presented Vepsi, the sustainable fashion marketplace set to revolutionize the world of online marketing, via our interview with founders Eilean von Lautz and Leslie Djaoual.

Today, let’s take a look at the two South African brands that have found a home for their products on the Vepsi platform.


Lunar was founded in South Africa in 1998 and, in the time since, it has become one of the most interesting and attractive fashion and lifestyle brands in the country. Their designs are sophisticated in their simplicity and naturality, aspects that are tantamount to Lunar as a company. Born of the love for Africa, its people and its unpretentious designs, Lunar prides itself in delivering fashion items made from the finest natural materials and down-to-earth designs, inspired by nature and the beautiful African landscapes.

They are a responsible brand, and as such are conscious of the importance of sustainability, Fairtrade and the empowering of the local craft and arts community.


Poly is a swimwear brand that boasts a wide range of striking designs. The founders, South African Tracey and Loren, share a background in fashion and a love for nature and the ocean. They design all of Poly’s products, the vibrant colours and distinctive prints of which celebrate female creativity. These swimwear items are designed to be as practical and adjustable as they are bold and eye-catching.

Tracey and Loren also hand-cut and manufacture every piece, which means they can ensure this is a zero-waste, eco-conscient and ethical brand. For the creation of Poly swimwear, they have opted to use high-quality and luxurious Italian fabric made with Econyl, a form of nylon made of waste products, including ghost fishing nets found and collected from the ocean bed.

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