MISS ZAHUI - A Knight From Gagnoa Fashion

MISS ZAHUI - A Knight From Gagnoa Fashion

Miss Zahui was born in Gagnoa ( South West Côte d´Ivorie). Miss Zahui – an Ivorian – started her professional life as a Secretary with NORMADECO for five years. Then, she was employed for eight years by National Refinery Company.

However, she decided to follow her passion for fashion . She was wandering around top famous Fashion Designer´s shops from France, Italy and Great Britain. She became a student in High Fashion Clothing School in France

In 1986, she opened the first Fashion Design Shop in the commune of Port – Bouet, Abidjan and referred as The Icon of the Feminine Fashion Designing. FIGARO COUTURE shop was born in 1987 by her clients´recommendations, she moved her career from Abidjan to Cococdy Danga. Futhermore, she realized the potential fashion in future and she wanted to gain more fashion insight for young men and women. FIGARO COUTURE  - A training Centre -  was established then.

In 1995, she appeared in a special TV show called ¨L´ART EN MOUVEMENT¨ or ART IN MOTION. She was awarded the National Honorary Distinction as ¨Knight Of The Order Merit¨ and being a chamber of commerce and Industry of the Côte d´Ivorie member. During the time, Miss Zahui also manufacture her own fabric called ¨TAPA¨.

What is TAPA ?

TAPA  is a pure typical Product. In fact, the material was used by ancestors in old days to manufacture garments. The name ¨TAPA¨is inspired by the raw material which is used to create the cloth. Barks of a specific tree is used for making.

TAPA can be used to designtrousers, shoes, handbags, garments for both men and women or even jewelry. Morover, it can also used for interior design as creating painting, floor covering and so on. You can call it a multiple purpose matter, It is used in households to dry up and wipe dishes, terry towels.


Tapa on the couch

Miss Zahui has been awarded different accolades along here career such as Best Fashion Designer award received from the Ivonrian Press Association¨, ¨Knight of the national order of merit¨.

In case you want to know more about Miss Zahui, here is the link you could access and know more about her career.


Email: misszahui@yahoo.fr 

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