Afro Amour – Organic African Hair Accessories

Afro Amour – Organic African Hair Accessories

Founded in 2014 in South Africa, Afro Amour has been positioning on the fashion industry with products that are environmentally and friendly to human body. The company does not use preservative chemicals as parabens or silicones, which have become the focus of a lot of criticism and are perceived by many as unhealthy. The world is turning to organic, and Afro Amour’s products are handmade locally, using mostly natural and organic ingredients.

Afro Amour provides a wide range of hair accessories, contributing to the maintenance of healthy hair such as headwraps and pillow cases. However, there is one reason that makes Afro Amour different from other products that are purposefully designed to be ¨self-tying¨. What is ¨self-tying¨? It consists of helping women who do not possess the know – how, to easily and quickly tie the headwraps in a variety of styles.

Furthermore, Afro Amour collaborates with SARI for Change, an initiative where saris are recycled and women can improve their skills within the needlecraft industry, through coaching and mentoring as startup entrepreneurs. Afro Amour contributes 10 % of the headwraps price back to this initiative.

Last but not lease, Afro Amour provide hair consultancies, either on a one-on-one basis or with group. They offer hair makeovers and conduct healthy hair workshops


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Karabo Kekana

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