Chebe Mutai – African dreams and ambitions for sustainable change.

Chebe Mutai – African dreams and ambitions for sustainable change.

Chebet Mutai´s has her own concerns on how to make Africa a better place. However, this path would not be easy to fulfill her creative destiny.

Graduated from Kenyatta University with Economics and French degrees. She soon settled herself at the World Bank – a dream job for anyone who wants to work in finance. Nonetheless, she found out that this job was not suitable for her, and that it was fashion what woke her inner passions. She resigned her job and created Wazawazi Co. Back to 2012, Wazawazi’s aspirations were to create African inspired pieces, but now it is one of Africa´s luxury brand names. Wazawazi is not only for women, and also men have their own products. With a wide range of products from suit to casual or even business even, Wazawazi will never let you down.

Her dream has become true. Chebet Mutai wants to speak out to the world that African has a stand in the fashion industry by speaking its language of art, rich culture, high fashion and superior craftsmanship. Her creative aptitude gives her a hand to generate initiative through merging of leather and craftsmanship by creating flawless leather masterpieces.

¨I began making homemade handbags in May 2012 in response to a need in the market for high-quality products from Africa. Our main raw materials are leather, which we source locally, and beads. Our products include handbags, travel bags, a variety of products for business and now we are also getting into small leather accessories,” Chebet says.

Chebet now proudly offers entirely made in Kenya pieces to its customers around the globe. A bag you can always count on to take you anywhere and everywhere!

Be Luxurious. Make your statement. Tell the African story!

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