6 yards Ankara from Fabric Sarahmond Designs
6 yards Ankara from Fabric Sarahmond Designs
6 yards Ankara Fabric from Sarahmond Designs
Ankara Fabrics (sarahmond Designs)

Ankara Fabrics (sarahmond Designs)


Quality Ankara Fabrics


Quality Ankara Fabrics

No Shrinkage

No Fading

100% Cotton

$18 for 6 yards @1.8kg

$36 for 12 yards @3.6kg

$54 for 18 yards @5.4kg

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Imperial Zebra


Classic Men’s Shirt. I named this the Imperial Zebra , which is one of the three species of the Zebra. The imperial Zebra is found in Kenya and is the largest in size and most threatened of the three species. It is distinguished by its unique stripes, which are as distinctive as human fingerprints.

Material: Striped zebra print cotton shirt.

Color: Black and white.

Jeans Butterfly Dress


Jeans Butterfly has a two layered bell sleeve with pleats at the base. Pleats is at side of dress. Zip is at side. Red trimmings at front design and sleeve. Sleeve length is three-quarter. Be the butterfly!

Hand-Painted Jacket


A bomber jacket with a fresh appeal, made of certified fabrics to resist fickle weather, and finished with a meticulous handpaint that turns the ordinary into edgy vibes and vibrant appeal.

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