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Shyaka Shirt


A fine piece of linen with a warm colour and beadwork inspired by Moshions Inkingi Collection 2019. A classic take flows from collarless top, hand-beading craftsmanship, and fit structure.

Imperial Zebra


Classic Men’s Shirt. I named this the Imperial Zebra , which is one of the three species of the Zebra. The imperial Zebra is found in Kenya and is the largest in size and most threatened of the three species. It is distinguished by its unique stripes, which are as distinctive as human fingerprints.

Material: Striped zebra print cotton shirt.

Color: Black and white.

OBA Purple Shirt


OBA is a Yoruba name that was used to refer to “kings” or “rulers” in Yorubaland. The purple fabric of the OBA shirt gives off royalty vibes. The purple ankara fabric used on the collar and pocket were sourced by our founder @teshie.ogallo from Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria. The lightweight cotton fabric used to produce this shirt is perfect for hot humid weather like that of Lagos or coastal regions of Kenya as it keeps you cool yet still looking royal and stylish throughout the day.

Ikubwe Shirt


A seamless blend of traditional and modern artistry, manifested in hand-engineered Umuraza beadwork and creative driven production. The shirt is a tribute to Rwanda’s cultural motifs graciously woven into a contemporary unit.

HASANI Orange Shirt


HASANI means “Handsome” in Swahili and this is exactly the vibe our handsome model @trevoroisebe is oozing off. The HASANI shirt is made with a thick beautiful orange polyester cotton fabric and the collar and pocket have touches of kanga print fabric sourced from Mombasa, Kenya

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