The Man Behind Cisse’s Apparel - The YouTube Channel Helping Aspiring Fashion Designers Find Their Way

The Man Behind Cisse’s Apparel - The YouTube Channel Helping Aspiring Fashion Designers Find Their Way

So, you want to get into the world of fashion design? If you are currently unable to sign up for a professional training course or school, or would like to approach this whole new direction in life in a more relaxed manner, on your own time, YouTube truly is the best place to start. More specifically, the Cisse’s Apparel YouTube channel. Founded and led by 29-year-old Saliu Muhammed Kabir in November 2018, Cisse’s Apparel is not only a celebration of fashion, it has also established itself as one of the platform’s most exciting channels for DIY design tutorials geared at all levels from beginners to the advanced.

Saliu, who resides in Abuja, Nigeria, was looking to gain admission to university in 2010, but when this plan didn’t go through, his brother invited him to join him working as a mechanic. He did so for a while, but it soon became clear that this line of profession wasn’t fulfilling him – a fact even his elder brother, who’s a fashion designer with his own tailor shop in Abuja, picked up on. “He told me the work as a mechanic didn’t suit me, so I began following in his footsteps. After learning to hem a head tie on my first day, I was so impressed I developed a passion for it,” Saliu told Fashionomics Africa.

Within just three years of honing his skills as a designer, he began making dresses and outfits for his friends in 2013. “They were all telling me, ‘you’re too good, man, you’re born to do this,” which was always very encouraging,” he says. “I had started practising working with all types of styles, and spent a lot of time exploring online and all that.” Having used the internet as a main source of inspiration and learning, he eventually decided to offer others the same through his own work. “I started the Cisse’s Apparel YouTube channel on November 8, 2018 and despite the fact that I don't really put much time into the marketing side, it has grown beautifully well just by God's grace. My advice is, if you want to learn, learn with passion.”

This approach to the learning curve of fashion design has earnt him a steady following, with many insisting that he is one of the best online tutors, especially in terms of African trends. With the challenges this year has brought on in light of the global pandemic, Saliu is incredibly grateful for the fact that he gained a lot of new subscribers, particularly during the lockdown period. One of the most popular videos he uploaded during this time, was the How to Cut and Sew Female Trouser/Pants (with Pockets) tutorial, which was been viewed – and most likely followed! – 263,015 times since he first posted it in May. “It was a very detailed video and received a whole lot of comments,” he told us. “I love making bustier cuts and female pants, but I think I am really starting to enjoy men’s wear too.”

Though this year has brought him more followers and more time to dedicate to his passion projects, he admits it hasn’t been easy. “The Covid lockdowns were a bad time for us. This year has taught me to be grateful to God no matter what,” he told us. It has also fuelled his determination to realize his biggest dream. “I’ve always dreamt of opening a fashion school. My plans are to make more money so I can establish my Cisse fashion school.” He is already doing such a fantastic job offering such a wide range of design and sewing tutorials on his channel, we truly can’t wait for Saliu to turn his brick-and-mortar fashion school into a reality. Let’s help him get there by clicking that subscribe button, sharing his tutorials and spreading the word about this gifted young man and his refreshing teaching style!

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The Man Behind Cisse’s Apparel - The YouTube Channel Helping Aspiring Fashion Designers Find Their Way

Dec 23, 2020
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