WAKUU – The Story Comes True

WAKUU – The Story Comes True

Targeting on the expanding middle class and the local expat market, as well as the increasing demand for African prints in Europe, WAKUU was born to bring the western style apparel in colorful African Kitenge fabrics.

Clothing should be unique and made with passion. Every piece of WAKUU apparel is unique since only a maximum of 6 meters per print is manufactured into apparel. There is no back-ordering materials or prints, what you see is what you get: 100% unique Kenyan-made clothing. Even their buttons are hand-made from cow-bone, made by the Victorious Bone-Cutters, a successful youth employment project in Kibera.

Thanks to Nairobian young designers and tailors, WAKUU products have a variety of choices. Master tailors Gjey and Beno Started from the scratch, but are now making WAKUU build a brand and creating suits of distinction and quality. With continuous training, WAKUU help their workers to improve their skills to international standards and get them onto the red carpets of the world.



  • Social Enterprise
  • Capacity building
  • Brand & reputation building
  • Improvement of livelihoods
  • Colorful, exciting and honest African summer apparel!

For more information, do not hesitate to keep in touch with:

W: www.wakuusuits.com,

E: Daniel@wakuusuits.com,

P: 0641148631


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