Fashionomics Disrupt!Fashion! Masterclass

The African Development Bank (AfDB) under the leadership of the Department of Gender, Women and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and in partnership with Hub of Africa 2017 and Hivos International will host a Fashionomics Africa Dirupt!/Fashion Masterclass for entrepreneurs and startups operating in the textile, apparel and acessories (TA&A) sector in Addis Ababa.

The target group for the masterclass will be the Ethiopian Fashion Designers Association (100 members, more than 90% women) including fashion students and designers attending and showcasing at the Hub of Africa 2017.

The event will take place on the 4th October 2017, alongside the Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week (ASFW) and Hub of Africa 2017 held at Sapphire Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The forum will provide an opportunity for the Bank and its partners to implement the Fashionomics Africa initiative, by:
(i) Building the Fashionomics Africa online platform’s database;
(ii) Foster strategic partnerships;
(iii) Facilitate the operationalization of trainings and capacity building activities.

Six key experts and mentors will deliver the masterclass. Mentors and trainers with excellent inside knowledge on business, African fashion and finance will be invited to guide the TA&A entrepreneurs and strengthen their value and business proposition. I specially make reference to Anna Getaneh (founder and designer, Africa Mosaique) and Shaldon Kopman (founder and artistic director, Naked Ape) who will deliver a class on branding, marketing and networking.

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Fashionomics Africa Disrupt!/Fashion! Masterclass

Creating Wealth through Fashionomics


Images from the event

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