LCF Graduate Futures: Diversity of Careers in Fashion & Luxury with DWEET

From 26/01/2023 to 26/01/2023

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This event is for London College of Fashion students and graduate only. Join Graduate Futures as we welcome Laurent Piffault from DWEET, to hear about their company and the important skills needed for freelancing. This is a great chance to hear from a freelancer recruitment insider and learn what employers are looking for to meet the needs of their market. Could Freelancing be for you? The gig economy is growing up. There has been a surge in so-called 'portfolio careers', due in part to the growth of remote opportunities and post pandemic trends. Projections show that in the West over half the workforce will be freelancers over the next 3 years. In this session we will cover: DWEET, what do they provide and who is their client base? How they work with freelancers and disciplines they want to employ. Roles available within freelancing in the creative industries. The skills and attributes they look for in the freelancers they represent.