• 1

    Choose an interesting topic related to the Textile, Apparel and Accessories industry for African fashion entrepreneurs and prepare a short summary on the topics to be covered during the webinar.

  • 2

    Think about the format you would like to use (presentation + audio recorded, record a live webinar and then share the video through our platform, etc.) and the duration of the webinar. We are open to suggestions.

  • 3

    Think about the presenter(s) that would speak through the webinar.

  • 4

    Send us a 1 pager document with all these ideas so we can discuss further.

Webinars on our platform are free of access for all creative minds wishing to learn more about this inspiring industry. They just need to create a free account on our platform to start learning!

Please note that the African Development Bank do not function as a financing agency. We don’t have dedicated funds to sponsor external stakeholders. However, we would be more than happy to feature your webinar on our platform and give you visibility via our social networks.

You can also submit blogs, podcasts, online training courses, etc. Just let us know.

If you are an African Fashion Expert, send us your 1 pager to