Why was Africa Fashion Week created?

26 Oct, 2017

Why was Africa Fashion Week created?

Back in 2009, Adiree, a Marketing Agency located in New York City saw a huge potential in the African fashion industry. They could observe a gap in between the continents, and decided to create a platform that would benefit both parts. They had a vision to place a structure around Africa’s growing fashion and designing industry, and help artists to develop and create international relationships across the seas.

Adiree wanted to contribute to the industry by allowing innovative, unseen designs, and luxury culture rich pieces into the business. They decided to host events, create media, retail and promote tourism. In fact, the premier launch was such a success, that more than 1,500 industry insiders attended, and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York city that year supported the cause due to the 70% increase in tourism that it brought. Not only were they helping designers by establishing, educating and helping them connect brands to big investors, but they were also benefited from the situation helping the tourism economy of the city.

Today, African fashion Week has served as support for all types of artists, entrepreneurs and business investors. They are all looking to benefit from the potential that Africa’s art brings, and both retailers and designers have taken advantage of this platform to be able to diversify business models, meet people from around the world, study the different markets, and strengthen both their products and brands to be recognized Globally. AFW is now hosted in a number of countries other than NYC. It is a big event worldwide and annually takes place in cities such as London, Barcelona, and Johannesburg. They expect it to keep growing and continue helping designers in a better way every year that passes by.